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Nice One, Paul Carter - Many Thanks

Hey Paul

Just would like to express a little gratitude…

I’ve never been following the Primer 52 nutritional strategy and a modified PPL split over 4 days training (Tues,Wed, Fri, Sat and carries/athletic work on Sun). Between 6-12 working sets and a few ‘snack sessions’ in the PM (I train at 5.30.am at my home gym in Bangkok). I’ve followed your training approach - no bullshit volume and have gone from 170lbs to 180lbs and am visibly leaner, eating more carbs and feeling awesome (am 42 next month and an accessing TRT, and have been for 3 years).

I’ve been fitter, stronger or felt better buddy, and am generally out my gym in 35-45 mins MAX. My insulin sensitivity has improved and I’m going to ‘push the envelope’ and put on some lean mass with a 6 day PPL split for 4-5 weeks in a month or so.

Cheers for all your free advice, guidance and continual support of use gym bros ;0)


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That’s awesome to hear man! I feel like there’s a little movement beginning with the low volume for maximal gains happening.

And it’s good to see. If guys want to spend an inordinate amount of time in the gym doing junk, that’s their business. But if guys want to actually grow and get better, then being efficient with your time in the gym is kind of important.