Nice Job Brock!

I do believe that Brock handed our resident anti-semitic butthead a big plate of humble pie in this week’s Reader Mail. Check it out, everyone, because among other things Brock just give a free lesson in how to thoroughly slam someone.

hope it puts this childish b.s. by baran to rest, if it dosen’t have to do with getting bigger or gettin poon i don’t want to hear about it

Brock is easy on him. I would ignore his ass. All baran wants is attention. I bet he has never lifted in his life, has very little contact with real society(but way too much with cybersociety), a small penis, and loves gay porn. baran you are the coolest.

Yup, Brock did a good job. Sorry we had to have something like this to deal with at all and I hope it doesn’t become “regular”. It’s not a question free speech, it’s a question of appropriate speech. Glad T-mag dook care of it like it did, but let that be the end of it. Let buttheads go and butt their heads and leave the rest of us alone.

Great job, Brock! I’m not even Jewish, and I was applauding you resoundingly in my mind! I had a chance to trample Jasan on a similar topic here in this forum, except that a lot of my crucial posts didn’t get posted here, which led to taunting by Baran that I hadn’t provided the info I’d promised. But the important thing is that it’s easy–and important–to challenge this kind of bigotry.

If only Mr. Baran had used his powers for good… it wouldn’t have come to this.
Free speach is one thing, hate mongering is something else… and beneath us all.

Brock, as you probably know from my posts, I do try to keep things on the funnier side usually, but this time I gotta be serious and say nice job. You really handled that with a LOT of class…and I hope all the fellow t-maggers see how a REAL t-man handles these things…with class and not stooping, but doing your research, and coming across calmly and with the FACTS. Although I have always respected the T-mag staffs intelligence in the iron game, I have gained a lot of respect for you as a person as well…well done.

I think it’s good for Mr. Baran’s ideas and whatnot to be out in the open. If they can be refuted easily, then everyone is the better, even Mr. Baran, if some of his suspicions of Jewish people have been alleviated. It’s debateable whether this is the right forum but…It’s also true that Mr. Baran should try to concentrate on improving himself and less on being suspicious of other people. I guess he sees it (Jewishness and probably other stuff as well) as a worldwide conspiracy so it’s hard. Incidentally, I’ve heard Jewish people refer to gentile women as “shiksa” before too. What exactly does that mean?

While I greatly appreciate the kudos from all
of you, I was really hoping, perhaps with
some naivette, that Jason would have taken
me up on my offer and e-mailed me.

Although I am no rabbi or even theological
sage, I have a pretty good grounding in
the Abrahamic religions with a special
emphasis (obviously) on Judaism and
the Tanakh (Jewish bible).

The “Golden Rule” (often incorrectly first
attributed to Jesus of Nazareth but more
likely to have come from Rabbi Akiva) is
one of the most important things to Judaism.
If only people would realize this.

Ad hominem attacks and straw man arguements would not have worked in this case (as tempted as I was).

My offer to Mr. Baran still stands if he is
so inclined to take me up on it.

Now let’s get back to bb’ing stuff, 'kay?


I totally agree with Whopper. All too often viewpoints like Jason’s get people so upset that they just start ranting, and then the whole thing just goes to shit, usually with the “moderate” viewpoint getting the worse end of the deal. A reasoned, researched and fact-based response such as the one Brock gave leaves very little room for further argument, and one hopes that Jason, having now been exposed to facts other than those he’s gathered from his White Supremacy sources, will be man enough to take a fresh look at his opinions and revise them accordingly.

I know the “magic” that Jews use to infiltrate and succeed in every society they live in. I’ve been in a few Jewish households (no I wasn’t burglarizing them) and have more than a few Jewish friends. The magic is family and a high value placed on education and achievement. The rest of us would do well to learn this magic because from what I see it really works.
Brock, I have to say that that was one really well laid out argument…you had him like a bug under a magnifying glass on a sunny day.

you know i see no reason to even bring religon into this forum sure im all for the first ammendment. but what diffrence does it make if someone is buddhist, chrsitian, hindu, taoist, confusist, jewish, or any other religon. i mean in my belief as a chrsitian it’s not our place to judge someone but simply be christlike and if you love christ with all your heart youll want to be like the god you adore. however obviously catholics believe diffrently right baran. because jesus your “savior” jason forgave the jews isnt that enough for you? all he asked is that the jewish people where forgiven and you havent done it. i mean seriously when you talk to your friends and they disagree with you on religon do you cut them off? no didnt think so.
so i say this forum calls for a seperation of church and training. (sorry if this was a little too pro christianity) now lets get back to training!

Brock, I also would like to give you kudos on a well written retort to Mr. Baran. Unfortunately, nothing you can say, no amount of logical debate, can dissuade a hateful soul from its current path. I simply hope that Mr. Baran takes you up on one-on-one correspondence and leaves the messages on the T-mag forum to training from now on. So, getting back to training, how much do you think Moses could bench?

Hey, Brock, just so you know, neither Christ, nor Rabbi Akiva, coined the golden rule first. It is in Leviticus, 19:18. Just so you know. And to everyone else, sorry if I seem anal, I just thought Brock might find it interesting that the golden rule has been around for 4000 years, at the very early begining of the Abrahamic religeons. Anyway, sorry for the off topic post.

no, catholics don’t believe differently, Grant

Hey Brock- i just read what you wrote and i’m very impressed considering i also come from a religious background- i actually just graduated yeshivah(school of jewish study) high school last june. It must have taken you hours to read up on all that talmud? I’m glad you were able to defend our religion b/c when i read all of jason’s claims origionally i really had no idea where u were going to start.

Brock – Actually, I believe it was Hillel that should have received credit for the Golden Rule, which was actually a reversal of the known phrase. I believe the paraphrase goes like this, “What is hateful unto you; do not unto others. Everything else is commentary.” Just started reading on the invention of the Talumds, so this why it’s somewhat fresh on my mind.

Zarathustra-You are right hillel did say that when i think a guy said to him he would accept judaism if he could explain it to him while standing on one leg. atleast i think thats how the story went but i ussed to fall asleep in my religion classes in high school

Andrew – you’re right, that is the story in reference. **** jonnyjon – technically speaking in regard to authorship of Leviticus, you may want to put that period of authorship near the end of the Babylonian Capitivity to the time the Judaens were able to return back to Jerusalem under the edict of Cyrus the Persian. But if we really want to get specific, credit could be given back to Chuang-Tzu of Taoism fame. Of course, he was in China, but it’s interesting to know that the same message can appear in a number of locations that didn’t have direct connections with each other. Quite fascinating, I confess!

I stand corrected, it was indeed Hillel and
not Akivia (I had Akiva on the brain as I
was researching the history of Kiddush HaShem
and the recitation of a certain passage
from Deuteronomy before martyrdom…I guess
saying The Shema before death started with
Rabbi Akiva after the Bar Kochba revolt).

I wish I had the opportunity to have
studied at a yeshiva as a high school student
but my formal education stopped when I became
a bar mitzvah and has only returned in the
last year as I am tutored by a rabbi on a
weekly basis…my rabbi did help me pen
that response in that he put me on the
correct path to look up those various
passages…man, the Shulchan Aruch reads
like a compendium of law texts, then again,
that’s exactly what it is :-).

I am still waiting for Mr. Baran to send me an e-mail but somehow, I don't see that happening any time soon which is a shame.

It really is easier to hate, isn’t it?

Anyhow, this is my last OT post WRT to
religion for awhile.

Just as an FYI, if I had the opportunity, I probably would quit my day job and study at a yeshiva full time or perhaps enroll at JTS in New York and enter the rabbinic studies program.

I have no interest in obtaining a pulpit,
rather I just want the knowledge base and
perhaps teach ethics and theology at
a university.

I also have an idea for a funny book that I
might do in the future:

Muscle Tov - The Observant Jew’s Guide To
Weight Training & Bodybuilding.

Whaddaya think?

Wishing all of you much nachas,