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Nice Guys can Finish first.

Although I wish this happend to me instead of on TV, I had to relate something I saw yesterday on “Blind Date.”

This is a show that sets up two people and then tapes their date. Well a nice guy was set up with an Hawaiian Tropic Model. Well he was a nice guy who gave her flowers when she arrived at his door, was honest with her, did not comment on her body (I guess as other a**holes do), respected her feelings and thoughts, complemented her without gawking her, and most of all was self confident.
It was obviously refreshing to her as a model who is hit on by losers to have a real T-man, and so at the end he got the girl and were going to go out again.
Now as I said it was TV and not eactly “real” life but it does show that being your true self but having confidence will nab you a good women. If being a nice guy with self confidence does not get you that hottie, she is not worth it for she (and I should also say he) does not deserve you.
Lesson learned for me, which I wanted to share.

Ok back up the short bus and get your helmut out. What a crock of shit. You are basing your descision on 1hour at most you saw on TV. Word of advice “get out of the house now”. Go met some women. They are jaded as hell from meeting assholes. And if you come off nice they will wonder what you want. I hang out with a large group of women. I am not sleeping with any of them. They have me around as a body gaurd from the drunken pricks. I have heard women talk in their natural habitate and buddy you do not know shit from shinola. Talk to a woman get to be Plutonic friends with a couple. That means get to know them not this get to know them so you can get in their pants really get to know them. Then we will see if you still have that opinion. One of my friends would be mostly cool with a nice guy however even she would wonder what he wanted if he came off “NICE”. Nice guys finish last plain and simple. I agree with the confidence thing however that is key but the nice part I would keep to your damn self unless you want to have a woman totally take advantage of your naive ass. Good luck. BTW women say "I want honesty, kindness, and a good heart. Yet who are they fucking ----assholes get a clue dude. Sorry about the rant but you just have your head so far in the clouds I felt the urge to take your teddy bear. Seriously hide that Nice shit until you know you can share it. And you will know when you find a nice girl. They are the keepers they are the ones to show that side to. It is a way to have something special with only them.

i saw that last night… that girls was flaming… they just clicked and got lucky

There is a fine line between bing a gentleman and a pussy. If the guy had the guts to have a date filmed on naional TV, he is allready a mile ahead of the pack.

I would never, ever, date a girl who was crazy enough to like the real me. Yikes. She’d be wacko

Heck, girls who show interest in me are immediately on my ‘suspect’ list.

Wow, Knuckledragger. You certainly live up to your name. Not only with your posturing but with your use of bad grammar.
But hey, it’s all good. If life made you jadded, then have fun wallowing in the crevice you made for yourself. I, for one, refuse to give up my principles or myself for anyone. I answer to myself and the Man upstairs. I will continue to be who I am even if it means living alone. Because it is much more enjoyable than having to make myself over as someone I am not, for someone who is not worth my time or energy.

Whatever you think of me or my post fine. I toast (**Tosses a beer to Knuckledragger, while I have a Grow! shake), to your health and your life and wish for you happiness and contentment.

um im gonna have to agree with knuckledragger and say that your kind of a fag nick.

And if you’re going to talk about someone’s grammar (as I myself have done many many times in the past), at least have the wherewithall to spell “jaded” correctly.

It is good that at the end of your post you realized you saw this on TV. Like knuckledragger said, in real life, the good guy would most likely end up sucked dry of his life energy and emotions. Just personal experience. Gave up on being a good guy a long time ago - still not ready to be an asshole. Sort of in the middle noone’s land, I guess.

Nice short half-breeds do finish last. Well that describes me 5’6" half API half haole and nice and caring to a fault. Only women with partners are nice to me. The rest always say you are nice but… This one reason I left Oregon, since most of the women wanted their 6 foot blond hair blued eyed frat boy. So be a prick and get the girls or be true to yourself and live a lonely life.

Knuckledragger, amen, bro. Thanks for speaking the truth.

i dismissed this thread immediately upon readin the title but now that ive read it all, dude i gotta tell you-everyone here’s on point. the real hard truth is that women in general are quite jaded, especially during these times. knuckledragger, for the most part hit the nail on the head. the trick for us guys is to be yourself but do everything in moderation…sure, you may feel some kind of urge to be realllly nice, shower her with affection, etc etc but there’s no better way to lose a girl’s interest. it’s all about balance and moderation…don’t intentionally be someone you’re not, simply play down any overzealous tendencies you may have which would make you appear to be too much of a ‘nice guy.’

Nice guys can get girls, you don’t have to be an asshole,just don’t be a wimp.You can be nice to a girl without caring if she likes you or not.Just develop the mindset when your around girls that you dont care if they like you or not, I mean be nice but don’t become their bitch.

I would advise you to act naturally. Don’t try to change your attitude so “you have a better chance.” Why would you want to date a girl that you have to completely change your natural personality for. If you’re a nice guy naturally, don’t try to change that. Eventually you’re going to have to start acting real. So, why waste all that time with a girl who doesn’t even know if she would like the real you. Spend that time finding someone closer to your personality.