Nice girls/bad girls

I usually dont post a male/female relationship kind of topics, mainly because I thought I had my shit together about the subject.

But, for some reason, the only kind of girls I dated seriously so far are the rare and elusive nice girls, hymens intact and well behaved. And Im cool with that, but it gets a little monotone- Ive had only like 2 one-night stands with the other, bad kind of girls, who have been around the old block more than a few times. Thing is, I cant tell the difference. Maybe its youthful enthusiasm, but I consider every girl a nice girl when I meet her. And lately (Im fresh out of a 13 month relationship), the following scenario keeps taking place:

Veljko goes to a party, meets someone and considers her attractive, salamy hiding kind of attractive, but also a nice girl, one that you wouldnt just offer sex after small-talking for 5 minutes. Veljko gets her number (hopefully), maybe even drives her home and leaves a good impression (or so it seems, heh).
The day after, Veljko calls up a pal, who knows the person well, and hes like: Did ya fukk her? Man, she da biggest slut dis side of da Equator! Ya didnt? Stoopid azhole! Etc, etc.

Turns out, shes got like 2-3 boyfriends, and you only get one shot at nailing her. So, my approach was wrong. In light of the recent Bad Boy experiment, sure, it sounds nice-but I just couldnt do it. Not me. Besides, I like nice girls, but what can I do to spot a bad one playing me? Can anyone tell a difference? Because they all look nice to me. And Im sure as sugar not gonna try and attack EVERY single one in full frontal fashion, simply because if she IS nice, Id look like a total and utter prick. Please discuss.

Veljko, if she really is a cum dumpster, that can be only positive and in my book, she is a nice girl. :wink: It really depends on what you consider to be a good girl. Would you be more
satisfied if you had to walk on the rope and swim across Atlantic ocean and prove your
eternal love for the next 5 years every day, to get married and then get some pussy? I’d
say not and leave that to the scientists challenged in various areas of psychiatry or to the wise swamis and gurus who are competent and patient enough to deal with the eternal maze of female mind.

The only problem in the whole story is that you did not have adequate intelligence work done beforehand and you were not informed about her modus operandi, and you were basically unsuccessful in decoding her behaviour and drawing correct conclusions. Next time, send your agents to the field before the action, let them gather vital information and do not go to action unprepared!

Another thing - it is strange that they “all look nice to you”. Well, I may be wrong here,
or this could be just my personal observation, but generally, judging from my own
experience and experience of my friends and people I know, women are everything but
generally nice.

I would say that everything depends on the circumstances and even the same person can be “nice” or “bad” depending on the tide, Moon, solar flares or whatever, therefore, you cannot count on the uniform pattern of behaviour, especially with women, young ones even more so.

Finally, check your email, I sent you a true story about a guy who also thought he had
his shit together when it comes to women. :wink:

I’ve heard of girls who have 3 or 4 ‘boyfriends’, but she only has sex with 1 of them & has the others just take her out & spend money on her. In every case I’ve heard of she says she’s seeing other guys or she has a boyfriend & the guys are too clueless to think that they can actually come between her & her real boyfriend.

OK, there is another point in all this… Veljko, you should be proud of yourself, most likely she considers you to be a very special person in her heart. You are most likely the only guy who drove her home and did +not+ fuck her that night. :wink:

I think I’m confused here… using only your definitions, it is easy. Don’t sleep with a girl on the first date, or the second or the third… or the fifteenth… If she want’s to be with you for more than sex she’s a ‘nice’ one. If she takes off because you won’t put out she’s not. Very easy to do, and deosn’t take a whole lot of time or money.

Don't get me wrong, I don't agree at ALL with your discription of 'nice' girl, but I wanted to illustrate my point.

Axy: Man, you are nuts! Cum dumpster! I gotta remeber that! Funny shit. And yes, Im sure the girl has a picture of me hanging off a wall in her room, made to look as if a small altar was set up in my honor. I need my pathetic ass handed to me, I know.
Michelle: Maybe my put out soon/put out later train of thought was a bit one-sided. This is how it is: I wouldnt mind red-flagging a bad girl, or being involved with one for that matter (provided that I do get action, not just take her out and play Romeo), but I never look at a girl and presume she is into that sort of a deal. I just need to know how can I tell, IF she is. And vice versa, I have waited as little as 2 weeks and up to 8 months to be the first to venture into unknown territory of a nice girl, so its not waiting that determins that, not the holy hymen either, but simply the way she treats me, you know, respect, fairness, honesty, trust, arhaic stuff like that. You will agree, I cant use the same effort and direct approach on both kinds, good and bad. It differs.

I’ll take one of those nice girls off your hands for you. Looking for marriage material.

Look man its all a matter of experience. You can’t tell’em apart just by looking at em.You actually have to get to know them to know if they’re a “player” or not. I treat all women with a certain amount of respect initially. Until they do things to make me threat them otherwise. Remember, IT NEVER HURTS TO TRY! If they don’t give it up… oh well, try next time, but don’t come across as a total horn dog. Have some sense about you, even “good girls” like bad boys. Also, if they give it up the first time it doesn’t mean that they aren’t “nice girls”. You might just be really good at your job. Women get horney too! I really can’t say anything about how many sexual partners a female has had. Besides how would you know if their lying or not? If I did I would be a hypocrite. As long as they treat me good and aren’t promiscuous while in the relation ship I’m happy. Actually my most favorite girlfriends…well just say they knew their way around the bedroom. You don’t have to beg for a blow job or talk them into being on top or none of the bullshit you have to teach someone new to the game. An added plus is they know how to use their kegal muscles…oh my god!! I love women. To the thing about having two or three boyfriends. There was this girlfriend of mine (a booty call) and she had guys (dumb asses) buying and paying for all kinds of shit.(car insurance, clothes, jewelry etc…) Guess who was hitt’n it…not them. Chumps! She really had the game down I’ll give that to her. Final lesson: You don’t have to be a Prick all the time to be a bad boy, if you let’em walk all over you they will, and you can’t turn a ho into a housewife!. I’m out.

Veljko, this is from my experience, you cannot judge anything by appearance or some small talk during the first few dates. Of course, if you end up having sex on the first date, it can certainly tell you something, but on the other hand, it doesn’t have to - maybe she really is a nice girl, and just likes you a lot. I have seen various shit in my time… strange shit too… girls who looked like 10 bucks sluts, all-goth-wannabe-grrrl- power-reckless-drugs-alcohol-sex-all-around, but you would not get any pussy if your life depended on it. On the other hand, I know some women who look on the outside like direct offsprings of Holy Virgin Mary, but they fuck with so many guys like there is no tomorrow…like they are part of some strange scientific theory validation of STDs transfer. My personal favorite ones are girls who have some kind of vow not to have sex until certain age - but they give away blowjobs like it is out of the fashion! When I was a lot younger, I used to date a model who (she was 19 at the time) did not want to have sex until she was - 21, but used to be quite versed in playing various tunes on the skin flute. Well, to each his own, I guess, but this thing what you got on hand is really no win situation. All you can do is go with the flow and be careful, nothing more. And yes, I think you should treat both kinds equally - and that is with caution - until you realize what kind they really are. ;-)You can’t tell I am working in the graveyard shift and I am bored as hell, can you? :-)))