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Nice Deadlift Video


Former Florida State OG Matt Meinrod deadlifting 700 for 3 reps only 4 months after having surgery to repair a broken leg and ankle as he prepares for the NFL combine. I hate Free Shoe University, but I do respect strength:


Hot damn! I wonder how sore that ankle was the next day or FIVE...


WOW! Damn that must be a bitch unloading all those plates. I hate stripping 450 after several sets.


Monster is right.


cool vid! how do you find this stuff?



Would love to see a round table or compilation interview with several S&C coaches from around D1-A NCAA football.


Hmm....that was a little more than I needed to see. I mean what a freaky strong guy, but can we get a manchicken warning from now on before people post?


man chicken warning? what are you talking about?


I just watched it again and i haven't a clue what Capn'salty is talking about?


That was damn impressive. Looked like he could've easily handled a lot more weight too.


He did them quite easily, bar speed was good, im sure he could have gone for 6 reps, or more weight easily.


capnsalty is referring to that strange little bulge in his pants...


This big beast deadlifts 700 for 3 reps coming of surgery not too long ago and capn'nasty focused on his crotch! Now that gets the "Brokeback" award of the day! LMAO