Nice article TC

Nice article. A few things I agree with:

  1. Yeh, it’s really sad about that dog-mauling case. I totally empathize with dog-owners on the issue.

  2. Yes, O’Reilley is a complete moron. Well, maybe not. I’m sure he is spoonfed his opinions, (I’ve seen him give hints that he actually think rationally) but still, the very fact he’d comprimise what is logical to influence people to be mindless drones is abhorrent. Then again, idiocy is good for the economy and social stability at times. I’m not sure which is worse…

  3. Yes, exercise does alleviate depression. I can’t emphasize enough how essential working out is. It releases important opioids (endorphins…brain morphene), cortisol (this is like an amphetamine high sorta), and after you are done, you feel better and more motivated than before. On top of that, you look better, feel better, etc… I can recall, one of the few times I was a scrawny bastard…I lifted these overly heavy 25lbs dumbells in each hand (yeh to maybe a few of you that sounds like nothing but to my skinny ass, it was a lot…) and I lifted them constantly for 5-10 min, taking frequent breaks. Well, let me tell you…it put such a strain on me, I got literally, HIGH. No joke. I fell to the floor, laughing and rolling around for no apparent reason. It was ridiculous and I didn’t even know why I was doing it. I couldn’t lift the weights anymore because the laughter was too intense. And yes, overtime, the weights felt lighter rather than heavier as they should’ve…that’s when you know it’s hitting you. LOL. Of course this “high” was short-lived for about 5 or so minutes but it was one I won’t forget for a while. I remember even after running on my tredmill for 2 hours, I felt a hell lot better, and I noticed I was feeling a lot better overall about myself and my daily affairs. Working out is a definate cure for the blues, helps with insomnia, improves your sex drive, gives you a higher metabolism, makes you look better, and helps you better cope with stress in the longrun. Definately recommended.

Keep the good articles comin TC!


Joe, I am assuming that you mean that you empathize with dog owners in general and not what those two scumsuckers out west who allowed their dogs to kill that woman. Have you read the facts that could not be divulged at trial about those two prisoner rights lawyers, their adoption of an imprisoned white supremacist leader and his plan to raise killer dogs which these assholes followed? Unfortunately there has been some backlash on responsible dog owners because of these two miscreants but do NOT have any empathy for them as individuals. They are getting what they deserve. Well, not quite but is the best we can hope for within the bounds of our legal framework.

I have to agree with Avoid Roids on his comment. Them lawyers got their just desserts. But they are not the standard of dog owners - just exceptions.

And I too liked this article by TC. It just explains perfectly to some newbie who only wants to weight train to "lose weight and tone up". There's SO much more that is beneficial. One thing that helps me is when I've been sitting long hours at the drawing table and just plain running out of creative ideas - I go to the gym. It has helped me create many a "masterpiece".