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Niacin to Boost HGH


I’ve been reading a bit about boosting HGH with niacin before anaerobic training. My intention is to use over the counter products, and not spend thousands of dollars on supraphysiological HGH injections. I’ve used OKG with great effect in the past, and I might combine the two. I’ll use the niacin before sprints, and the OKG before bed on an empty stomach, and perhaps combine it with acetyl l-carnitine.
I’ve read that niacin is toxic, but I’ll only use it before my sprints, which at most would be three times a week at no more than 500 mg.


I’ve personally never heard of niacin being used for that specific purpose. The body does need niacin, but in very low amounts. High doses can cause liver damage and stomach ulcers. 500 mg is extremely high. The daily recommendation of niacin for men is 16mg. 50mg or higher is considered a high dose. 5mg knocked me on my butt. I got what’s called the niacin flush, which is a burning, tingling, itchy feeling of the skin and turns your skin red. For me it lasted about 15 minutes and I had to sit down because I got severe stomach cramps. Obviously, I did not do that again. So I doubt you will be doing anything taking 500 mg. It’s better if you take a vitamin B complex so you don’t throw your vitamin B’s off balance. If you take niacin eat BEFORE you take it. A natural way to increase HGH is to do HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). During the short rest period of a HIIT releases HGH.


Oh and I don’t recommend taking synthetic HGH because it can cause your body to stop making HGH naturally.