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NHS Official Guidelines Document for TRT (UK)

When I was researching TRT in the UK I noticed there was a lot of confusion about the NHS’ policies, inconsistencies etc.

I found what appears to be their internal policy document, including requisite levels for TRT consideration: www.nnuh.nhs.uk/publication/download/adult-testosterone-replacement-and-monitoring-jcg0043-v2-1/

Not sure if this has been posted already but figured it could be helpful for those investigating. It’s for a certain region (Norwich) but I presume policies like this are (should be) uniform across the NHS? Feel free to delete if unnecessary/ it has been shared already

There’s also this.


No references at all to {E2 | estradiol}

… carries with it significant risks e.g. of stroke.

Recent evidence shows no increase in risk of cardiovascular disease with testosterone
replacement therapy (Tan et al 2014)
Talk about self-consistency.

Dr. Brooks removed as a author because he could not agree with the content of the paper?

Depression ruled out as a concern that there might be low-T.

Not a single reference to {E2 | estradiol}
Does cover prolactin concerns!