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NHL Playoffs


Let the games begin!

Watching Bruins vs Habs right now. GO HABS!!!!! Yeah Im a Montrealer, deal with it! And yeah, we probably wont make it past the first round...Price will have to stand on his head if we`re to have a chance. Ah well...still a great show.


flyers fan here. we got absolutely trashed yesterday by shittsburg.

the st louis-vancouver game was a very good game to watch yesterday. looks to be a promising series.


Good to know. Good luck in your series, mate.

Fuck....just as I typed that Boston just made it 3-2 on the power play with 8:45 to go in the game....arghhh.


Sharks going duck hunting tonight!

waiting for first round to start

P.S Sharks, ALL THE WAY!!!!


Wings take game 1.


montreal actually looked pretty good that game. not having markov is going to hurt.


i concur, go habs go!


I want the Penguins to win, Detroit is just so damn solid... as an aside, I hope Hossa gets some acute terrible disease.


go flyers!!

they dont have to win the cup to make me happy, but it would be nice to look like they want to starting tomorrow.


Great to see some Habs fan around here!

We DID put up a good fight in Game 1. I see confidence in our troops...we`re not gonna go down easy!


Games on right now. Id like to see the Sharks take that series myself :smiley:



Id just like to rub it in....Habs made the playoffs and Leafs didnt! ;-p


Bruins looked damn tough tonight.


haha. i feel the same way. word on the street is that carter and richards will be seeing less ice time to try and not wear them down too much throughout the game.


Rooting for the Blackhawks right now, hoping they can take care of the Flamers in OT.


Go Bruins


Holy SHIT THAT WAS FUCKING AWESOME!!! Blackhawks just won with a goal in the first 10 seconds of overtime.


That`s an awesome avatar :smiley:


Bruins fan here. Was absolutely pissed when they drew habs first round. 2005... shakes head


Its looking pretty good for you guys this year though...as much as I hate to admit it, youre gonna be a tough lot for the habs to beat.