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NHL Playoffs 2013


If so, who do you think will win the Stanley Cup and why? I feel like the Penguins have the best chance with so much depth. Although I would like to see the Blackhawks make a comeback.

Never really seen hockey talked about on here but surely there are at least some people who are into it.




If they win then thats fine by me. I have much respect for that organization. Pavel is an absolutely amazing player!


We usually have an annual NHL playoff thread but no one made it this year.

It would be pretty amazing to see the Hawks come back and win the series but against a veteran team like the Wings, with a coach like Babcock... I don't see it happening. :X

I'll say Wings-Pens, Pens to win it.


Going to be a tight Eastern FInal...Pens have been rolling over teams for the most part all year but Boston is pretty damn solid. Should definitely go to 6 or 7.

Also hoping for a Wings-LA West final. Poor SJ...always good but not good enough. I'd really like to see big Joe win a Cup though.



Eastern Conference - I see the Penguins winning it, but it will take 6 games maybe 7.

Western Conference - It will be Kings - Wings, with I think the experience factor going to the Kings.

For the Cup - I would say Penguins from the talent depth

The Cup Series will be very interesting because of the lack of inter-conference play.


Yea, the Bruins/Penguins is gonna be a great series I think. Bruins don't have as much firepower, but they're pretty solid defensively. I do not want the Sharks to win! I'm a Stars fan and they've been a pretty big rivalry over the years. Excited to actually be able to watch the Sharks/Kings tonight. First game that hasn't been on late.


Penguins for me, obviously. I know my location says Pennsylvania, but there isn't another NHL team in the state.

Mighty, I take it you play too?


Yep! Played our first playoff game of the session last night and won in a shootout 3-2. I beat the blocker high on our first goal and also slammed the puck through the five hole in the shootout.

I feel like I should be rooting for the Penguins since they have 3 former Stars. Its safe to say you guys got the better end of the infamous James Neal trade! Goligoski ended up with a bunch of assists, but hes just so frustrating to watch sometimes.



We lost our last playoff game in a shootout.

Getting ready for the Summer league session.


The Pens are fucking loaded. If they don't win The Cup it will be an upset. Obviously anything can happen in a series though.

It would be crazy to see Pens/Wings III. It'll be like Steelers/Cowboys.


Yea, the Pens are like a team you'd create in a video game. Looks like the Hawks are gonna get a game 7!

2busy- what position do you usually play.


I play forward. Usually in the crease getting in the goalie's face.

Somebody needs to distract the goalie.


oh lawd


Yep it's a series now. I'm not gonna whine, but a penalty shot? Really?

Since the wings let them back in it I'm going to say Chicago vs LA, with the Penns taking it all. Fuck! I can't believe I said that.


hey man I got respect for you saying that. I said the Wings were gonna win game 6 and I'm a Hawks fan. Chicago-Detroit fans may shit talk each other all day but this has been one hell of an entertaining series and these two teams are obviously pretty damn good.


I like that it's all now down to one game. The teams seem equally paired.

It will be interesting tomorrow to finish my scrimage and see what's happened.


I don't watch every game anymore when all Canadian teams are out but I will catch the last few up to the Cup.

That's how I choose who to root for when I watch a game:
1. Is it the Jets?
2. If no then is it a Canadian team?
3. If no then does the team come from a place that gets snow in the winter?


I have a friend who moved here from Winnipeg. He was the token Canadian on last summers hockey team.

I was looking at driving to Winnipeg to see a Jets/Devils game. Closest the Devils got to me this year


Yeah the Wings surprised quite a few people, including me. It was supposed to be a rebuilding year, so anything they accomplish now is gravy. Kind of interesting to see them come in as the underdog spoiler considering how many times they have been on the other end.

Chicago really is the more talent laden team, especially on defense. It just goes to show how far coming in hot from fighting for your season will take you.

Going to be a great game tonight.