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NHL Playoffs 2006




The leafs suck!

Go senators!


With the Devils riding their eight game win streak (which includes wins over the Hurricanes, Rangers, and Flyers) and leading the Flyers 3-0 as I'm writing this, I'd have to say they're looking mighty fine come playoff time. Scott Gomez is the hot hand, with 22 points in his last 12 games, and he's playing great with Brian Gionta, who's one goal away from the Devils' goal scoring record and is on a 13 game point scoring streak. Brodeur just became the only goalie in NHL history to post five 40 win seasons, which is remarkable considering his knee injury earlier in the season.

Add to the equation that the Senators don't even know who'll be starting in goal once the playoffs start, and I think the Devs have to be the team to beat.


Devils blow



Go wings, win one more for the captain.



You should be BANNED!


GO HABS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,,,, oooo i pray to kovalev we make it...


Sorry Dave, but the Leafs do suck.

It'll be good to hear about other Canadian teams during the playoffs because, contrary to popular belief out of Toronto, there are other NHL teams in Canada. Ha!

Go Habs Go!


watch out for the Buffalo Sabres


Mowgli, I have to admit I'm a habs fan for life... if it came down to them and the senators, I'd cheer for the habs.

Hell, I'd cheer for any Canadian team over the leafs!


Sharks sneaked in again, at the last moment!


Marty keeps extending his own streaks, he is the only goalie with moe than 3 or 4 consecutive 30 win seasons(9) and has an unprecedented 5th 40 win season. This all being done with out captain crunch and scotty niedermayer. They are the hottest team in the east and one of the deepest all around. They have smoked every playoff team seeded 1-8 in the last month.


Our good ol' habs are looking fine come playoff time, too! I'll be seeing mtl vs the Sabres live on saturday, wish us good luck (like we'd need that :D)


They can lock up fifth this saturday. This after being so far out earlier in the season that it was considered near impossible to make it. They are a beast and have won 7 in a row now. Their weakness is their youth (since Carle came up they have been playing with six rookies) but they're highly talented and clicking well. Detroit is the team to beat in the west and probably the whole league, but watch out for SJ...


Go Flames! They are looking pretty good right now, but have not put up good offensive numbers.

You need a HOT goalie in the playoffs, and Kipper is having a great year. If a couple of the guys can find the net, I think they could go far.

I love the rookie defenseman Phaneuf, but with Ovechkin and Crosby out there, I don't see him winning the Calder.

Sorry for the Calgary hijack, but no longer living there and getting home too seldom makes me longwinded when the topic comes up.

P.S. Yeah, the Leafs suck.


stack77 is the smartest sonuvabitch in this whole discussion...hell, all of T-Nation.

I would like to see the Sabres go against the Senators.

The Sabres are goin all the way bay-bee!!!


Sabres are young, fast and well conditioned. They have a great shot. If your team is not up on them by the third period the Sabres are going to win because of the great condition they are in and they are really good.


ok, first off, yes, the leafs DID suck, why? well pat quinn and belfour. we've dumped one of them and now with auben we're on fire. Sundin is by far the best player in the league right now, and you cant argue with 16 points in 9 games.

Assuming the leafs dont make the playoffs, which is unlikely but still possible, the sens r the next best bet for canada. although, sans haske they suck. id say montreal has no chance, and edmonton is a long shot. calgary is possible, but thats it. as for detroit winning, that would suck worse than a cheap hooker, but its likely. id like to see kariya take the cup to nashville, that would just be funny. or maybe joey could carry the sharks.

The rangers r shit, we'll leave it at that. new jersey is great, but theyre annoying, so meh. but for everyone who hates on the leafs, you will be shanked with a rusty spoon!!!!!!!!!


yea thats it without hasek they suck.... they've only been playing without hasek since the olympic break, and are first in the east.


I LOVE the Red Wings! Can't wait for the playoffs to begin.