NHL Liability

Ok, enough is enough. Now WE are suing the NHL because WE voluntarily purchased tickets which put us in the line of stray pucks. A woman is suing the NHL after being hit in the head by a puck at a Blackhawks game. Attorneys are claiming that the League has failed to ‘protect’ its fans. I’m sorry, but in my opinion this crosses the line. Wanted to get the board’s take on this.


Do you think I can sue this Forum, since I stubbed my fingure typing? 1 Million Dollars!! Suing anyone and everyone is the new American Way, is it not?

Well… of course it’s the NHL’s fault!!! Next time they should play hockey with a down pillow! That’ll be fun to watch! Gee, I wonder why insurance costs thousands a year, all the idiots who sue over the DUMBEST shit!

There was a guy in CA that ran off the street and plowed into a phone booth on a sidewalk. He blew double the legal alcohol limit when arrested. He sued the phone company for putting the phone booth where they did…and the drunk WON. Where’s my gun when I need it?

Reading this just makes me sick! On the back of the ticket it says the following: Holder assumes all risk and danger of PERSONAL injury and ALL other HAZARDS arising from, or in any way related to, the EVENT for which this ticket is issued, WHETHER occuring PRIOR to, DURING or AFTER the EVENT, including specifically(BUT NOT EXCLUSIVELY) the danger of being injured by HOCKEY PUCKS and STICKS FLYING into SPECTATOR AREAS, OTHER SPECTATORS or PLAYERS, or THROWN OBJECTS. Be ALERT when in SPECTATOR AREAS, including after the STOPPAGE of play. I hope the court system throws this case out the window! Hell, as far as I know, the young girl who died as a result of being hit by a puck at the Columbus Blue Jackets game, her family isn’t suing!

Unless they can prove the blackhawks\arena owners were negligent they’ll lose. This has been used countless times against baseball teams\parks and they(plaintiff) almost always lose.

The best part is that she wasn’t paying attention to the game when she got hit with the puck (I mean the Chicago fan, not the girl that died in Columbus). She was bending over to pick up a napkin. Perhaps if she had been paying attention to the game she could have avoided the flying puck. But I guess that napkin had to be picked up immediately. Most people I see at games leave all their trash on the floor under the seat anyway.

Another get rich quick scheme that is based on the person suing being a bumbling moron.

Just a quick thought – All of you who don’t like all of these suits winning should not avoid jury duty (not implying that you are, just that you shouldn’t).

It was some stupid jury that agreed with the greedy plaintiff’s lawyer as to the theory of why McDonald’s should be held liable for some idiotic woman spilling hot coffee on herself, that BMW should pay hundreds of millions for delivering a scratched vehicle to some doctor after having repainted it but not telling him about it, for the guy who broke into someone’s house and hurt himself falling on a toy that had been left out (insurance company paid that one), and for Avoids’ example of the drunk crashing in to the telephone.

Juries are stupid in general because smart people tend to avoid jury duty or to be intentionally excluded by the lawyers (I guarantee you I will never be empanelled unless I lie during voir dire, if I even get that far). These juries also tend to fall for emotional anti-corporate rhetoric and want the big, bad corporation to pay the poor, hurt victim – no matter who was actually at fault. It is exasperating.

Sorry, just finished a final and I had to vent. Now I need to study for Anti-Trust. Peace. Out.