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HEY!!! Whats going on, I havent heard a word yet about the playoffs? Even though its still very early in the series, I have to say I’m really enjoying it. The Habs are looking like the spoilers and I’m LOVIN it! I have too many recent memories of the Bruins giving us a beating but I have a feeling it will end this year. Most disappointing series: Flyers, Sens. They look like they are playing an exhibition game. Blood is going to have to spill to get either of them going. Not to mention I really liked seeing the the leafs go spineless in game 3:) Gotta love it;)

When it comes to the flyers and sens I wish both teams could be eliminated. I don’t like the flyers because of “Don’t Call me Bobby” Clarke and the Sens are doing nothing but playing the trap from the very start of the game. Except they don’t have a trap like the devils where there is one guy fore checking and the rest of the team stays back. Their trap has the entire team staying back with zero fore checkers.

I actually like the Flyers and BC ALOT. As far as I could remember they’ve had a “take no BS attitude”, and thats cool nowadays to see :slight_smile: Unfortunately they always seem to let me down. Every year in the playoffs I think they r going to squash everything in sight and they just fizzle out. As far as the Sens playing bitch hockey… could you blame them? They’ve had a good team for a few years now and got ousted very early in the Play offs. They’ve got to stick to a winning formula, whatever that formula is at any given moment.

I go for the Wings to take it all…After they get off their collective ass and play like they know how.

Um…the Red Wings are going to win so it doesn’t really matter. They CAN’T lose.

I dont see the Red Wings making the Finals, let alone win the cup. They do have alot of experience, but I cant imagine those aging stars of days gone by keeping their energy and enthusiasm up. Either way, Colorado will crush the entire West Con.

I think Bobby Clarke just went too far when he fired Roger Neilson and then said it wasn’t his fault Roger got cancer when justifying his actions. I hope the Leafs win it this year because they are my favorite team. I like how Vancouver is making it a series against Detroit. I just wish the NHL would crack down on dives. Hasek will flop to the ice if a player skates too close to him. This usually results in a penalty. I think the league should review dives after the game and hand out suspensions.

NHL Playoffs. Get to your bookie now and put your money on the Avs. I don’t care if you like 'em or not, the Avs are the smart bet.

Forseberg will bring the pain! Roy IS the god of the playoffs! Sakic is the equalizer with the wrist shot! The Avalanche rule, Denver IS HOCKEY TOWN!!(I know Denver isn’t really hockey town but it feels like it right now).

ok so i have a prediction that will probably send a lot of you up the roof. sharks over the bruins for the cup, in 7. the bruins are to strong to lose in the east, but the surprise sharks will quietly win games. look for it to be a classic final. actually i called miss cleo and she said to put my money on the minnesota north stars over the chicago bulls in 9…

So, Sewerhooker, do you still find the Sens-Flyers series boring? How about those Sens, whooping the asses off those hot shot multi-millionnaires? Three in a row 3-0!!!

how bout them isles?

In the Toronto/Isles series I’m pulling for the Isles. Milbury has risked alot to get that team together and I hope it works out for him. Not to mention it would be an added bonus to have the Leafs out, I’m sick of Bob Coles whiny cry baby asses attitude everytime the leafs get a penalty.

GO WINGS!!! Just like everyone else here in Michigan, I tend to become just a little crazy when the Stanley Cup Playoffs are going on. Seriously, the Red Wings following up here borders on fanatical. After all, where else do you see an arena full of people with giant red wingnuts on their heads? When it comes time for the Red Wings vs. Avs series, no force on this planet will be able to take me away from the TV. Here that rivalry is like good vs. evil, especially back in the Claude Lemieux days. I’ll never forget that game where Lemieux got his ass kicked by Darren McCarty while Roy was gettin’ a whuppin from Mike Vernon.

well i’m from long island so i’m pulling for them too:)…i’m only 20 so i dont really have memories from the cup years. but the last series i remeber was losing to the rangers in 94 i think and in 93 beating washington and pitt in a great playoff run with alot of OT games

It looks like Sundin might be out for the season with a broken wrist. The leafs are done, they cannot get anywhere close to the finals without Sundin.

the red wings are loaded. they remind me of the old edmonton oiler teams of the 80’s. its just too much firepower for anyone to handle including colorado. a team could play them almost perfectly and still lose 5-2…add to all this the fact that steve yzerman is the best captain in hockey. theyre a mortal lock to win the cup

The Blackhawks are currently bleeding Blue. Looks like it will be Blues vs. Redwings, sweet!!! Hopefully the Redwings face the same fate.

The magor difference with the 80s Oilers and the Wings is that the Oilers actually BUILT the team!!! The Wings bought it through free agency. They’re no different than the Rangers.

Well, I guess the Habs are out of it :frowning: They just lost their best player Richard Zednik. It blows my mind when players cheap shot like that. It reminds me of Hunter’s hit on Turgeon in the '93 playoffs.

you can’t say the Wings BOUGHT their players, there were trades made. Either way, they kick ass. They are nothing like the Rangers, because they are going to win the Cup.