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NHL Free Agent Market D-Day


I had to create this thread...

So happy..


And Komisarek to Toronto...overated player..ahaha BYBYB KOMI and we will beat you!!!


this is not good.
What people don't get is that Tanguay is better than Cammalleri. And tanguay will not come back

To every flames fan: who is the best? Tanguay or cammalleri?

spacek and gill....pfffft

gomez: 16 goal last season. Wow. very impressive. he will be a good first center


Cammalleri much better ...and also a ironman..never injured...not like Tanguay...

JasminCar, maybe you havent seen Cammalleri played often..but even with the Kings he was hell of a player..not big but good hands,skate well...defenetly a good plus for the Habs...

I tought Komisarek was going to choose a west team to avoid Lucic!!


All I can say right now is

Really Rangers? Donald Brashear? Why?


Now the Habs just signed BRIAN GIONTA!!!yahoooooo!!

Bibart, Rangers just signed GABORIK!


Injury is a key word when you talk about Gaborik..if he can avoid injury...i agree he is one of the best..



What the fuck. This is not the habs anymore it is a mercenary team.
Everybody has left the boat because the team is too fucked up. It seems like MTL is the hell on earth

The whole first line is gone.


Looks like Hossa has moved on to the Blackhawks for 12 years.


haha yeah baby i like the strangers taking a shot on Gaborik to stay healthy. I'm a lot happier now. Been a crazy free agent period so far with the Heatley saga and all the movement


I used to like hockey a lot more back when the Avs were killin the league every year until the whiny babies quit playin. I still like hockey just not as much but I know Alex Ovechkin and that guy is freakin incredible.


So now Chicago is the best place to win a cup? Fucking douchebag.


I think Detroit will always be the best place to win a cup no matter what.


Yeah, worked out real well for him.