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NHL Awards

There are not tons of fans on this site, but there are a few. The NHL season is winding down, the individual awards will soon be voted on. Any thoughts, shoe-ins, arguments for your faves?

The categories are:

Hart (MVP) I like Thornton.

Norris (top Defenseman) No idea.

Selke (best defensive forward) No Idea.

Lady Byng (sportsmanship) ???

Calder (rookie) Phaneuf, but I am from Calgary - should go to Ovechkin.

Jack Adams (coach) No idea - but NOT Pat Quinn

Vezina (Goalie) Kiprusoff

The reason I have so few picks - I live in Europe and don’t see many games. My hockey lifeline is the internet so I don’t really have my finger on the pulse of the NHL.

But let’s hear what you guys have to say!!

You may want to read this and then give your opinions:


Hart (MVP) I like Thornton. agreed, as a canucks fan ,nice to see Boston get its overdue karma for the Cam Neely trade.

Norris (top Defenseman) Scott Neidemeyer… who thought the ducks had a hope in hell back in October?

Selke (best defensive forward) is there such a forward anymore?..Steve Yzerman maybe?

Lady Byng (sportsmanship) Sean Avery LA Kings (sarcasm turned fully on)

Calder (rookie) Ovechkin, but the Rangers goaltender Henrikhas Lundqvist, scored some big points too, his play was overshadowed by Jagr’s comeback

Jack Adams (coach) Lindy Ruff- Buffalo Sabres, hands down, talk about making something out of nothing

Vezina (Goalie) Kiprusoff

lol i’m a huge bruins fan so I agree with Thornton winning MVP , even though i’m still not over that trade.

Ovechkin for calder

lidstrom or neidermayer for norris

and to that flames fan, phaneuf is UNREAL. those hits on avery were priceless.

Yeah, Phanuef is really a tough SOB. But Ovechkin and Crosby have him overshadowed. I think he should have played at the Olympics.

The NHL had a season this year?!?! :slight_smile:

[quote]PGA200X wrote:
The NHL had a season this year?!?! :-)[/quote]

More like figure skating…Hey…how 'bout you freaking HIT somebody?

[quote]Valor wrote:
PGA200X wrote:
The NHL had a season this year?!?! :slight_smile:

More like figure skating…Hey…how 'bout you freaking HIT somebody?


Too bad you haven’t seen some of the HITs that Phaneuf has handed out this season. He knocked the mouthpiece Avery on his ass quite nicely.

how about Jagr for MVP?

Elias has to be the leading candidate for the Bill Masterton trophy (perserverance and dedication to hockey) after coming back from Hepatitis A and completely turning the Devils’ season around. Prior to Elias’ comeback the Devils were under .500 and looking like they’d miss the playoffs. After he returned to the team on Jan. 4, the Devils ran off a 9 game winning streak and eventually finished atop the Atlantic Division.

You can cast votes here, then see how the candidates stack up once you submit your choices.