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NHL 2011 Playoffs


The match-ups are in!

Capitals v. Rangers
Flyers v. Sabres
Bruins v. Canadiens
Penguins v. Lightning

Canucks v. Blackhawks
Sharks v. Kings
Red Wings v. Coyotes
Ducks v. Predators


sad to say that I don't see the Hawks getting through the Canucks this year..


My first round guesses:

Capitals v. Rangers - Capitals
Flyers v. Sabres - Flyers
Bruins v. Canadiens - Bruins
Penguins v. Lightning - Penguins

Canucks v. Blackhawks - Canucks
Sharks v. Kings - Sharks
Red Wings v. Coyotes - Red Wings
Ducks v. Predators - Predators

Ithink Lord Stanley's cup may finally be making a trip to Vancouver. (If it comes to Boston though, I won't be mad)


Go canucks, they have a legitimate shot this year hope they can keep their vibe going


Kinda saw that coming with their off-season trades. WTF were they thinking getting rid of Buffy, Versteeg et al?


it would be Vancouver or Philadelphia I think.
For the 1st round Go Habs Go :slight_smile:


Im pretty happy the Rangers got in, I think they've got a chance against the caps, simply because they almost always play their top game against the caps. Im just glad for the playoffs, I think Vancouver wins the Cup this year. Go Rangers


salary cap fucked them.





I hope you're right :wink:




I'm okay with that. eh :slight_smile:


Would love to see my Canucks end a 40 year drought!

My upsets for round 1 -

Buffalo, LA Kings


I don't...


So happy to see that this thread was created. I love hockey, and playoff hockey is hockey at it's best.

I'm a huge Sharks fan, and this is the first year they've entered the playoffs on a hot streak. Maybe their going to emulate the Giants?

Wester Conference Finals: Sharks over Canucks

Eastern Conference Finals: Flyers over Capitals

Stanley Cup Finals: Sharks over Flyers


PFFFFFFFFT you don't count.

From Ontario but cheer for the Canucks?


realistically who is there to cheer for in onterrible?


The Blue Jays.

Instead of pretending to be a fan of another team for the next month, how about you watch the only winning team in Ontario :smiley:


CAPITALS v. Rangers
Flyers v. SABRES
BRUINS v. Canadiens
PENGUINS v. Lightning

CANUCKS v. chicago
SHARKS v. Kings
RED WINGS v. Coyotes

Lets go wings!


Who gives a shit about baseball?? :PPPP

I moved to BC over 20 years ago....and leafs have sucked every year of my life.

It would be something if Canucks went against Rangers again.