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NHL 2011-2012 Thread


NFL? Check.
MLB? Check.
NBA? Check.
NHL? Maybe?

Trade deadline Monday. Who's bumming it on the couch in a new city?


I'm just happy with how well my new Jets are doing!


Okay, if the members of a place called Testosterone can't get up for the best of what sports has to offer -- playoff hockey -- then we're doomed.

Well, we're doomed anyway, so let's enjoy some hockey.



Flyers/Penguins tonight!!


It's gonna be an insane fucking series.

As for the Blackhawks, I just don't see them beating the Coyotes this year, unfortunately.


Legendary is born at 7:30 tonight.

Let's go Pens!


Yeah, between Mike Smith and the 'yotes D under Tippett, it'll be tough.


I am so pissed the Lightning let Mike Smith go. He had such a huge upside and it is finally showing (better d and goaltending coach has made a difference). Oh well, he was never given a chance in Tampa, glad to see him doing so well, I guess.

If Crosby stays healthy does anyone stand a chance against the pens? My bet is no....


Lets go FLYERS.


I was just going to make a playoff thread but I guess we should just keep it in here. Usually westcoast makes this shit but maybe he sees his sharks in trouble and doesn't want to come online!

Anyways, these playoffs are going to be awesome.

Vancouver vs Los Angeles
St. Louis vs San Jose
Phoenix vs Chicago
Nashville vs Detroit

NY Rangers vs Ottawa
Boston vs Washington
Florida vs New Jersey
Pittsburgh vs Philadelphia

These series' are going to be far closer than they have been in the past. really looking forward to pitts/phili and nashville/detroit. Seems fitting considering they are both the 4-5 seeds in both conferences.


As for predictions..

Vancouver in 6
SJ in 7
Phoenix in 6
Detroit in 6

Rangers in 5
Washington in 6
New Jersey in 5
Pittsburgh in 6


My NEW YORK RANGERS Are finally good! I can't wait for these playoffs!


I think Florida Tops New Jersey BTW


van 5
blues 6
Pheonix 6
Detroit 5

Rangers 7
Boston 6
devils 5
Pittsburgh 5


Fyers lost :frowning:

Pitts my second favorite team, though.


Flyers lost? Not as of right now they havent. 3-3 start of OT


Holy crap, i'm a retard.

They won in OT!!!!




Probably the worst meltdown I've ever seen from the Pens. What a mess.


My Boys are tearing up the Sens right now. GO RANGERS!