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NHL 2010-2011


I didn't see this thread so I'd figured I'd start it. There has to be some hockey fans here...if not and dies, so be it.

I'll start: I'm a Capitals fan, my first two games attended in person were Game 1 and Game 7 vs. Montreal last year, and I'm not over it.

Who do you like in the cup? I'm biased towards the caps but the Kings have been pretty impressive so far.


I'm a Pens fan. I'm happy as fuck that Fleury got his head out of his ass and has been playing well the past 3 games in a row. I'm also still pissed about the loss to the Rangers on Monday. How you can give up a short-handed goal in the last minute when you're up by 1 just baffles the mind.

I don't watch enough of other teams to give any insight on them.


May just be me but, it seems most hockey fans know way more about their team than other teams/players (compared to fans of other sports).

I'm that way and so are most of my friends - dunno if it's just us. That being said I do have a lot of friends who are pens fans... screw the pens. And even though crosby can play hockey better than me, I can do one thing he can't - grow a beard. Prepubescent shit!




Just got my tickets for the outdoor game in Pittsburgh today on Jan 1. I am a Rangers fan but in terms of who I like with a realistic chance, I am going for the Caps. I love this time of year when football and hockey are in season.


Gotta look for Boston coming out of the East and Vancouver from the west. Both have great teams. I can see the Wings, Canucks, Bruins, and Captitals going the distance this year. too many good teams though.

ps anyone been following stamkos? the kids on fire


Dude shut up WestCoast, you said they would beat the Hawks as well and they got fucking swept.

Plus, you guys have Niemi now... I'm glad, you guys can keep him. We have fucking Turco and Campbell.

While the Hawks goaltending this year is great, the Hawks won't repeat for another Stanley Cup. They have had almost a 1/3 of their all-star roster from last year replaced, and as we speak they are 10-9-1, and still struggling to figure out how to play together. Plus, Hossa's out with an injury still, and he has been our best player.

But as of right now, the Hawks won't make it far in the playoffs. I think they'll make it, but unless they begin learning how to play together with all the new faces, they won't win it all.

As for who I think has a good chance of taking it all? LA Kings.


I agree with you on the Hawks...they've lost too much.

It's that time of year where I start to loathe Alexander Semin. This guy every year is the best player in the league for 2 or 3 stretches of the regular season... and the rest of the time (including playoffs) he literally trips and falls trying to do 360-spin moves multiple times a game. I've never seen a professional hockey player lose the puck when no defenders are around, or simply just trip and fall, nearly as often as he dose. Yet he somehow goes 40-40, it makes NO SENSE. All he's doing is making it harder to justify trading him.

We need to trade him and not extend him, he's too unreliable and his no-show was a big reason the Habs won the series last year. But when he puts up 40-40 and is also Ovechkin's best friend, trading him is hard to do. I just wish he'd suck so we could justify moving him.


Hockey is a harder sport to follow because it's on every day. In the NFL you can watch 5 games a week with no problem now.

Crosby is 23. If he still can't grow a beard in 5 years, then I'll make fun of him too.


Hahaha, yea that didn't work out to well, and Niemi does blow. I'm glad he's already been pushed into the backup role.

We just mashed the Kings though, and the cup will be ours this year. We will finally figure out how to play in the playoffs like we do in the regular season.



The Sharks are a great regular season team, but unless they have had their gag reflex remove I wouldn't count on them not choking AGAIN!

Agree Ovechkin > Crosby


Obviously I take issue with this. Explain.


This is based purely on who I would rather pay to watch. Ovechkin is bigger, more physical, and is a better scorer. Crosby is more of a magician, and is great at setting things up.

Crosby has found much more success, is the best player in the league, and would be the first player I would chose to build a team around. But to simply watch? I'll take Alex (just ask Jagr).


Physicality for one thing. While Crosby has certainly toned down his flopping and whining, he is not the physically dominating player Ovechkin is.


Crosby just looks like a biatch.

And who can't love Ovechkin after this?

"At eastern motors, your job your credit..."


Haha I love eastern motors commercials. You should see some of the local ads Boudreau does... ugh just google "boudreau commercial" sometime

Ovechkin > Crosby... I always made the argument that Crosby won because his supporting cast was far better. That argument fell apart last year, the caps were GOOD. But anyone who watched that entire series knows that Halak couldn't repeat that performance again in 100 tries. That 53-save game was simply the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen.

So, I can no longer make the supporting cast argument, BUT I'm fully confident Ovechkin will win a cup or two in the near future. Crosby backers tend to say "Ovie only scores so much because he takes so many shots"...I counter by saying that getting shots on goal is a skill.


Ugh, two 5-0 losses past 3 games. I remember when the Caps were good. I mean we had Holtby in goal each game due to injuries but this team shouldn't be shut out twice in 4 days. ugh


I don't follow them anymore, but when I was 8-10 I loved the Dallas Stars. Eddie Belfour was my idol. I attended the game where they won the President's cup one year and I still mark that as one of the greatest sports games I have ever attended.


Anybody watching the 24/7 series on HBO? I've watched the episodes before heading to the gym and usually have one of the best workouts of the week as a result.

These guys are some of the toughest, most physical athletes on the planet, and I love being given even the slightest look at how things work behind the scenes.


This thread disappeared before I could tell you that Ovechkin is obviously not the "better scorer". You obviously haven't been watching much Penguins hockey or following the league scoring race the last 15 months.

EDIT: Other than that I agree with everything you said. I like watching Ovie destroy people when it's not the Penguins, but I still hate him because he's Russian. Because FUCK Russia. I can barely tolerate Geno and cheered when Gonchar left for the same reason.