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NH_Watts' TRT Log

I am not sure exactly why, but Hardartery is suspended.


I am not sure I’ve ever noticed this behavior from him.

10 mg of Adderall should work pretty well. That amount can make one pretty focused. I have taken that dose in college, and learned a half semester of linear algebra in an afternoon, and got the high score on the midterm (I scored in the 90s, and the average was in the 20s lol). It is a powerful drug.

I think over time one can get tolerance to it especially if one has too high of dose. 10 mg is a good starting spot IMO.

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Sometimes people get suspended when they have more than one account and try to sneak that. basically using their second account to justify or make their own points. Not saying that’s what he did.

@NH_Watts I’m sure you did I know you’ve been on here for a while but you did check your cortisol levels?

And I’m glad your memory is better and attention.

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We’ll see…modafinil was supposed to be a wonder drug but I felt nothing. There are some people that have an enzyme disfunction that dont metabolize these things. Hardartery is one and he is convinced I am another based on how other drugs, including caffeine, have no effect. Its called the CYP2D6 enzyme and some have none or a little so the drugs never get metabolized.

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I never have. Isn’t it a 24 hour piss test?

Btw here’s the drama related to hard artery

Anyway. Well the piss test would be best but easier to start you can do labs.

Important one is AM Cortisol. Just do within 1 hour of getting up in morning.

And if you’re not on DHEA supplements, you can do dhea-s

If both these test are on the low end , your adrenal are not working properly.

Then there’s this but that’s if you really think you have adrenal insufficiency and you would go to endocrinologist.


The am Cortisol test is just a lab test and I would do that first.

Cuz if your cortisol is low that would explain the low energy and a lot of other things. And if it is low they would prescribe some type of hydrocortisone tablets.


Well I know my DHEA is low because I was supping that and Pregnenalone based on those tests being on the far low end of normal. Not deficient but not great. I stopped because I think they were affecting my libido. Weird I know but I felt better before I started taking them and now two days free I feel hunger growing.

Thanks for the advice. I will check it out and read up too.

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Feel nothing from the Adderall. Its the extended release 12 hour version. I take it at 6 am. I read a bit from 10-11 this AM and dozed off about 6 times.

Crazy. 10 mg of quick release Adderall had me up all night (I took it about 10 am), and I learned a half a semester of linear algebra that day (got the high score on the midterm). I guess we all respond to drugs differently.

Well hardartery called it. Based on my caffeine response and response to other drugs it seems Im produce minimal amounts or am missing the needed enzyme. Im going to see if anyone offers discovery of this through testing. I already have my raw data.

That’s just wild bro. I used to fall asleep midday but that was due to my thyroid being jacked up.

No way around fixing this enzyme issue?

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Hardartery says there isn’t. Says they are just now starting to ramp up research on it.

“A deficiency of the CYP2D6 enzyme is inherited as an autosomal recessive trait; these subjects (7% of Caucasians, about 1% of Orientals) are classified as poor metabolizers . … Of these, more than 15 encode an inactive or no enzyme at all. Others encode enzyme with reduced, ‘normal’ or increased enzyme activity.”

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@highpull Would you supplement someone with the following DHEA and Pregnenolone levels? If so at what levels? I tried 100mg of each in the AM for about 4 months and noticed no change.

5/31/2019 - 140mg a week:
Albumin = 4.5
SHBG = 24
TT = 1137
FT = 31.8 (2.8%)
E2 = 65
T/E2 Ratio - 36.3

01/08/21 - 120mg a week:
Albumin = 4.5
SHBG = 30
TT = 964
Calc FT = 23.7 (2.45%)
Actual FT = 16.2 (162.5 pg/mL) no idea why this is so far off the calculated
E2 = 59
T/E2 Ratio - 36.7

No change in amount of aromatization with a 30lb+ fat drop. I still have probably 10 pounds of fat to lose but I would have expected the ratio to drop.

So you feel better on 120 or 140?

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Probably a little bit better on the 140mg. I think I will move my dose up for a few months and see how that goes. What a great idea Charlie :wink:

Same stuff I tried. Haha

Btw my urologist that does my trt, said gonadotropin injections are the new thing I can try instead of hcg. Cause I complained about semen volume. Am not on HCG btw. I’ll start a thread on This

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Yeah, interesting. Would love to hear if it works.