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NH_Watts' TRT Log


Need T3, T4, and antibody tests.


If you got a bacterial infection and you took these labs… That can affect them. Esp TSH


There might be a reverse T3 or T4 too, I cant remember. @bcostigan41


Thanks @charlie12 - talked to the Dr office today. My sample was negative, no bacteria… So, I’m not taking the Cipro.

Guess I need more tests on the thyroid… Thanks fellas


Thank you. Just came across a post from @systemlord where he said “need to have Free T4, Free T3 and Reverse T3 tested to see why TSH is elevated”… I guess that’s where I’ll start… But sounds like I’ll need to talk to an Endo for that.


Good call on not taking the cipro. So then we can assume its possibly from higher e2 or DHT then.


Or maybe he already had a mild case of BPH and the Testosterone exacerbated it? I know that T can cause it but can it crank it up?


I think just having a higher E2 reading made my PSA rise a little bit. So, more test, more e2.


Also as Watts said take the thyroid antibodies too.
Thyroid Peroxidase (TPO)
Thyroglobulin Antibody

I believe total t3 and total t4 is useful to diagnose subclinical hypothyroidism


My non sensitive estradiol was 25.6 range: 0 - 60.7. that doesn’t seem high.

Could be dht. I did have a bunch of back acne over the summer and I’m losing some of my hair… Yikes


Definitely get those labs as soon as you can.

How do you feel otherwise? Libido, strength, mood?


Yeah need to rule out Hashimotos. @bcostigan41 Not trying to scare you here.

The hypothyroidism of Hashimoto’s disease often is subclinical—mild and without symptoms—especially early in the disease. As hypothyroidism progresses, you may have one or more of the following symptoms:

  • tiredness
  • weight gain
  • trouble tolerating cold
  • joint and muscle pain
  • constipation
  • dry, thinning hair
  • heavy or irregular menstrual periods and problems becoming pregnant
  • depression
  • memory problems
  • a slowed heart rate


Before TRT, I had diminished libido, no morning wood, ED, tired easy and lack of motivation. Had TT tested and over 3 tests, averaged like 255… Then tested LH, FSH and Prolactin…all were in range + low testosterone = test cyp. He never tested thyroid.

1+ year post TRT, I’d say those symptoms are generally gone… But recently, I’ve had diminished libido/wood and more frequent ED… Which lead me to the doctor again last week.

So, I’m kinda in a strange spot…

Do you know if the non sensitive estradiol test results are typically higher or lower than the sensitive test results? With my non sensitive test at 25, I wonder if sensitive could be lower?


From what I have seen, and what other say, the non sensitive test slightly overstates.

So I would assume that your sensitive E2 is lower than non sensitive.

I always show up in the 30’s on the non sensitive test, and when I tested Ultrasensetive, it said my E2 was 22


Thank you. I wonder if some of my issues are low E2 to “my body” kind of issues…I don’t actively take anything to try to lower my E2, but I do eat a lot of broccoli, inject sub q EOD and take 4mg Cialis daily (when I can remember).

I could try shallow IM with a higher dose or just stay the course and address thyroid first.

@charlie12, have you noticed any improvement after starting thyroid meds?


All three of those lower or control E2.

I have a higher SHBG so I feel like any lower fluctuation in e2 I can feel. So I switched to IM and I like it better. I HATE having to inject into muscle, but I feel better. I may switch back to SQ if at any point I feel like im too high or too high e2.


Well that makes sense why things didn’t improve when I took 8mg Cialis a few days in a row, took DIM and CDG.

Guess I need to increase dose a little and lay off some things that control or reduce E2. I really want to feel like I did over the summer, it was amazing.


I believe the study showed Cialis maybe lowers it very very little. I take daily Cialis for almost a year and e2 fine.

I think the daily lemon juice and perhaps excessive brussel sprouts may have done it for me. Also I stopped the fiber caps called citrucel. It is a bulk forming fiber. And I was taking extra zinc which lowers e2. I only take extra on days of injection just because I think zinc is great.

Sprouts have allot of cdg


Get any feedback? Other than cutting out sugar, focusing on protein, and using complex carbs I dont know how to eat anymore. I especially dont know how to eat on TRT. This is coming from me trying everything under the sun to drop fat in the past and nothing working. Maybe they will ALL work at this point but I want to do whats best for me being optimized.


Thumbs up for that… I have no idea what the right things are to eat either. I just try to eat a salad a day, some chicken, some veggies and a protein shake… While limiting my junk food.

I dropped about 20lbs in the first 4-6 months in trt with exercise/IF… But I’ve stopped losing weight now. Wondering if top of range TSH could be a contributing factor?

Speaking of which, I’m heading back to the doctor Monday for more thyroid blood work. Thanks for letting me post here and giving me feedback, hopefully I can get this sorted out. I could have sworn I was having high E2 issues… But it came back at 25.6… So, who knows.