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NH_Watts' TRT Log


Yup, same thing happened after he upped my dose to 120mg a week from 100mg. I wasn’t happy with Free T being sub par and he reluctantly agreed to up it to the maximum he allows. I also started ED 17mg pins to maximize Free T production (really low SHBG of 14). It worked, I’m high Free T now. :))) Anyways, 3 months later my Estradiol was HIGH, 3 months more and it naturally settled down to smack dab right in the middle range! :smiley:

EDIT Fair warning. At no time did I ever experience symptoms of high estrogen when I was literally, high Estrogen. Both protocals took between 4-6 months for Estradiol to fall to normal.


Seriously great info for the rest of the board.

I guess we all need to give ourselves time to adjust. This again reinforces my idea that I backed off to soon when I had “minor” transient e2 issues.

My free test was subpar on 90 a week, so I have since started injecting 57 twice a week. 115 total.


Thanks Phil, I appreciate the response.

Kind of personal, but did you experience and ED, BPH or loss if libido while having high E2?

Really confounded by what’s happening to me right now after a about 9 months of feeling and performing great.

EDIT - sorry @phil65, I just read your edit… I’m assuming no ED from what I read. Thanks.


Sorry Bcostigan, no, I did not lose sexual function or libido, BPH etc… when high E. Only when I was LOW T! LOL I may be a weird case or body adjusts quickly to challenges. LOL


If you infact have prostatitis 7 days is nothing. 30 days. If you do 7 and you still got prostatitis… problem


@charlie12 - Have you had prostatitis? Taken Cipro before?

Dr did say it is normally a month long treatment, but Cipro is intense and has side effects.

Edit - is it a waste to take it for 7 days?


I personally would not work out on Cipro , after I have probably damaged my tendons and ligaments from low e2.


Oof… That’s good info. I’m not taking it. Sounds terrifying.


Cipro can cause tendons to tear/weaken.


I am so happy all of you guys are seeing the benefits of time and adjustment! I’ll try to check in more but my wife just went into labor sooooooo :slight_smile:



We know your busy, were just thankful you showed us the light! (and higher e2)


Yes. I have taken Cipro for that and when I had a pneumonia once. You need a strong antibiotic for that. Unless they take a culture if that’s possible and send to lab to see what bacteria it is

Prostatitis is a bitch to get rid of. If you begin treatment you need to it fully.


God bless. I wish your wife a smooth delivery…, if it’s a boy am sure he’s coming out with some awesome biceps…:joy:


Thanks for the info. How did you know you had it? What were some symptoms?

They took a sample and said they would culture it to confirm.

Did you have any of the adverse side effects listed for Cipro? I’ve read people have hallucinations and permanent nerve damage… Kinda nervous about some if the sides of Cipro.


YES! Congrats dude! Bring on the oxytocin!


I was fine with Cipro. No bad side affects.

I would wait for the results since they are testing it.

I remember I had shooting pain towards testicle. I can’t remember exactly it was 20 years ago.

Apparently he did the rectal exam and said prostate was inflammed.

With the specimen they can determine which type of bacteria it is and give you an antibiotic that kills it. So maybe you can get a less potent one. My Dr I think gave me Cipro cause it kills many different types so he covered the bases. He did not send to lab


Thanks for the info @charlie12, I appreciate it.

Just got some labs back and I’m a little surprised. My protocol is 36mg EOD sub q. Only appointment I could get was morning directly after a night injection, so I skipped the injection…so these are limited and were about 2.5 days from previous injection.

TT - 584 range: 300 - 1000
HTC - 45%
Prolactin - 11 range: 2.0 - 21
Estradiol (non sensitive) - 25.6 range: 0 - 60.7
TSH - 3.53 range: 0.400 - 4.100

Could my high TSH be causing some of my issues? Any insight from those smarter than me is greatly appreciated.
@physioLojik, (congrats on the new member of the family too!) @NH_Watts, @systemlord , @alldayeveryday, @alphagunner


There are others that are knowledgeable regarding thyroid stuff. I’m not really one of them.

TRT made my TSH rise when I first started, but it has leveled out to close to 1.


Had you had your TSH done previously? Was this number a surprise to you? It seems significantly high.


I’ve never had thyroid tested before. I’ve seen it mentioned enough, so I asked for it at my last appointment.

I guess I am shocked by the number, seems high… And after a little reading, TSH should be closer to 1 to be optimal?

My Dr who ran the blood is a urologist. Wonder if I should see an Endo now to sort out the thyroid?