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NH_Watts' TRT Log


Ive only had Tribute from 14th Star and I dig it. I will have to check out St. Johnsbury brew next time I am up there. Im due a visit to Shelburne Farms and Quaker Smith Point.


Shelburne Farms is great, I’ve actually never been to Quaker Smith Point, now I’ll have to check that out (when it’s warm).


It’s a private residence. Used to be owned by John Fishman.


Saw it online, it’s a beautiful property.


I have family members that are caretakers of the whole thing. Tend to the horses and golf course etc. Pretty good gig. The owners visit a few weeks a year from CA. $$$$


Ahhh, the “I have a summer home in VT” types lol.


Yep. But we can go up and live like the super wealthy for a weekend or two.


Hey man. R u doing subq or im? And if you tried both any difference


SubQ for at least 6 months or so now. I noticed no difference outside of injection itself.


Quick update:

Have dropped T dose to 60mg E3.5D as of this week in order to get bloods from PCP for physical. This should drop my total T to around 850-900. I am going to hang at this number for probably 8 weeks and see how I feel. My first 60mg shot was Monday and my libido is high today (also crushed squats in the gym this AM). Not sure if I am cruising past my sweet spot or will maintain it there. There have been a few other noticeable things the last day or two (increased euphoria, confidence, drive) but will wait it all out to ensure its not placebo. Libido hasn’t been bad but It’s been better.

I also am dropping my anastrozole to .125mg E3.5D and will test the waters there and maybe drop completely if I can.

Body fat continues to drop and I am starting to see definition where I never have like through torso (abdominals/obliques). My body seems to finally be dropping from my problem areas.

Had my yearly physical on Tuesday. Doc looks at chart “I see you are up two pounds” I am visibly leaner than he has ever seen me and down 5 inches in my waist. I just chuffed. “Have you been getting to the gym at all?” “Yes, 7 days a week” “Have you been doing any cardio?” At this point I feel he is just reading off of a script and still only concerned with BMI. Also to note he has visibly put on 30 pounds in the last year and his face is swollen and red.

I need a new doctor. The “physical” was cursory at best and lasted 10 minutes. He doesn’t even have me disrobe. Not sure if its any better with other docs but I remember REAL physicals that last nearly an hour. Im 47 and my doc hasn’t even done a DRE…Im starting to take it a little personally :smiley:


Hahahahaha I would find those questions from him close to offensive in his state lol


He writes my TRT script :man_shrugging:


I read this, and then was sad when I kept reading. You need to drop that shit brother!

I have had a few “physicals” where the doctor didn’t even put hands on. Joke.

Glad your killing it brother! I have labs tomorrow, if things go as planned. Been feeling great! Will follow up with you guys.


Running 180mg a week and hitting near 2,000 total T required it. Otherwise I shoot blanks, get cranky, and my nuts pull up into my body. I tried to go without it.


LOL I hear you man. High E is also no fun. 2000 total?! (jealous) what is your SHBG? I bet you feel like $$$$


SHBG is 27. $$$$ indeed sir! Its why Ive kept it there for a bit. No sides other than E2 stuff.


That’s legit. Are you keeping eyes on H/H and stuff? Did I miss an update of your labs?


Yeah HCT was at 43% in September. I am doing bloods again next week. I updated in September: NH_Watts' TRT Log


I have labs coming up sunday. Was going to be today but I cant get into the lab station.

It will be the day before my injection.


So I’m fairly certain I crashed my E2 and hadn’t noticed the signs of it going down until yesterday when my fourth joint started hurting out of nowhere. My shoulders have been bothering me for a good month and my left knee I had surgery on last year so I expect a little bit of pain there. But suddenly yesterday my right knee started giving pain feedback when sitting down.

I am not taking much anastrozole, like .375 mg per week (/2) but I think since dropping my dose down to 120mg (/2) 3 weeks ago ( I was taking more AI then though), and with the additional fat loss its just too much.

Starting today I am dropping the AI again for the foreseeable future. Im not sure when I will be increasing my dose again. I do feel better a bit higher with T but want this dose to level out and take it from there. I have an Endo appt in early Feb (labs late Jan) so may just cruise here for a bit and see how I feel/grow/lean/etc.

I have labs next week for yearly physical but its only Free T, Lipids, PSA, Metabolic, and CBC. May pay out of pocket in a couple weeks for an E2 test just to see.