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NH_Watts' TRT Log


That’s better. Most Canadian provinces have recreational weed at EIGHTEEN. HIGH school! :slightly_frowning_face:


US laws never kept me from doing what I wanted in that area. At the very least testing and labeling will let them know exactly what they are using.


BRO. Beware. Do you use any social media?

Do NOT use vape cartridges.


I dont. Flower only. Why whats up?


The rugged Regis mod with Arctic Top filled Tank! :wind_face:


I Saw no point in altering my dosage. More issues like acne, mood, heart paps… My body likes consistency.
I tried though.

If I want some inconsistency I can just go im instead of subq. That’s how sensitive I am to changes


Basically, a bunch of pens tested for pesticides, and contaminants here on the west coast, and the bums just decide to send it all to the east coast, where nobody knows their brand.

Lots of SHADY stuff going on here, probably there too. They say its going to be regulated, but it really isn’t.

Better to purchase from someone you know and trust.


My kids middle School big problem. 11 year olds getting addicted to this shit.


Addicted to what @charlie12?

@alphagunner - I just need to start growing my own.


I could be down for that… Have to find a place to but seeds


@NH_Watts just checking in and seeing how you’ve been feeling!


@physioLojik Hey doc. Feeling pretty good. (Not sure how much you read so…) No booze this month and been trying to dial back anastrozole. I dialed it back quite a bit but side started to creep in so Im back on it again. Not much, prob 1-1.5mg a week with 180mg T a week.

Gonna keep on the no booze train for a while to see how much fat I can trim off and then reassess.
How are things? You’ve been quiet so I assume you are busy out in CO with all the new things.




@Phil65 I’m sure you understand that legalization of pot doesn’t make it more available for students. That staff was available for them before but just from more shady sources( pesticides etc) and maybe higher prices. Now at least you have some control of what you can buy. Also, alcohol is more addictive and more destructive to the body.


Nicotine is addictive for sure but last I checked all forms of tobacco are 18+.


Everyone wants to come to VT and a lot of us are trying to get out lol.


Lovely to visit in the summer LOL. Smuggs is great with kids.


Don’t say the “S” word, it’s touchy subject right now lol. Maybe I’ll appreciate it more once I have kids, first one due in April.


I get it. In a former life I lived for a year in Daytona beach. Different S word but same feeling.


I see you’re into craft beer from here. Have you checked out 14th Star or anything from St. Johnsbury Brewery? St. J had an amazing IPA they were handing out during our last brewfest. Jalapeño flavored, sounds repulsive but it was actually great.