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NH_Watts' TRT Log


A girl I work with goes to Stowe on the weekends and her BF is an Alchemist nut so she gets me cases when I want. My father lives in Charlton about 2 miles from Treehouse. My stepmother works in Canton in the industrial complex right next door to Trillium. We usually vacation in VT too so Fiddlehead, Alchemist, Foam, Hills Farmstead, etc. Its just ridiculous. The fact that people line up for hours by a case at $24 a four pack is astounding. Ive done it but refuse to these days…too much good stuff out there. And yeah Ive been brewing for years too and keg everything. I just need to calm the fuck down! LOL


Wow, you have literally all the bases covered for the best beer around.


Mixed blessing lol


Always wanted to brew my own, told the wife and she didn’t like that idea, says I drink enough as it is lol. Don’t know how you all like IPA’s though, too damn bitter and hoppy for me, although there have been a select few I’ve enjoyed. If they have a fruitier tasting hops I do enjoy those. Prefer Amber’s and stouts personally.


Thats why there are diff types of beer man, something for everyone.


Just an observation that my skin only gets excessively oily when I change my test up OR down. If Ive been using 180mg consistently for a few weeks and then drop it to 160mg for a week I get the oiliness and mild back acne on the way down and then again on the way up when I move back to 180mg.


Are you just changing for inconsistency, that method physio talks about?


Yes. Trying to avoid homeostasis but not sure why at this point LOL.


I think it is a valuable tool. I definitely noticed a jump in libido when I was messing around with that. Right now, I am stable on 50 twice a week, so I’m sticking with that for now and testing labs in about a week or 2.

I may switch to a 60/40 for a few weeks though. Consistency is nice though, I gotta admit, especially when coming out of a low e2 hell hole.


17mg daily PIN

:coffee::pill::syringe: :wind_face:

Love it erry day, first thing in the mornin’… consistently. LOL



What’re you vaping?


Vanilla Custard Tobacco VCT

3mg/ml nic. Lowest next to 0.


I just recently moved my dose back up.

Was at my originally prescribed dose (120mg/week dosed at 34mg eod) for 6 weeks leading up to my doctor’s appointment… HTC was 45, TT was 643… Doctor is happy, says see you in 6 months.

Now I’ve moved up to 140mg a week dosed at 40mg eod… Been here 2 weeks now and can tell the difference already. Way more energy, sometimes overwhelming at my desk job… And overall feeling great. Will likely do this another 2 weeks and either go back down to 36mg eod for a month and up to 44mg eod… Not sure, but I’m liking how I feel right now.


Optimizing is key. You’re gonna miss that youthfulness dropping back down.


thought you meant something more “interesting” but that sounds good


I think your referring to here in California, good sir.


He knows I’m Canadian. Legalized recreational weed (18-19yrs depending on Province) all day, 'erry day… LOL


Im in MA. Rec shops are starting to open. One about a mile from my office in the next 8 weeks.


What’s the age there for REC weed? I think it’s a total disaster for our teenage youth to get stoned all day by the State, when our brains continue to develop well into 20’s. Turdeau is going to get voted out just for this alone.


21 same as booze