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NH_Watts' TRT Log


Hypothetically which would be worse for you: 1,000kcals in beer, or 1,000kcals in candy?


I’m going to say the candy because of the high sugar content?


But what about the affects of the alcohol on the liver?


Very true and would depend on how often you drink, I am thinking 5-6 high quality beers get you around 1,000 cals. This is a very good question as they both have possible repercussions


Sorry to jump in your convo but thought I would chime on your 1000 alcohol kcal vs 1000 candy kcal. My opinion is alcohol cal are worse, one for affects of liver but also from what I have read and heard alcohol calories will halt all fat metabolism from taking place where other forms of calories will not do that (I may have completely stated that wrong, but that is how I understood it). Alcohol truly is a completely empty calorie and has no benefit whatsoever physically (that’s coming from someone who enjoys drinking a little too much), mentally that is another topic :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I tend to agree with you rise80.


Lets also add into the equation that 1000kcals of alcohol will cause dehydration that needs to be dealt with the next morning and possible afternoon re-hydrating. which will just throw a bunch of functions off for half of the day.


Also an update on my protocol. Having dropped booze late September and continuing to drop fat I tried to phase out my AI (anastrozole) so early October I dropped it down to .75mg a week from 1.6mg a week. No issues so last week I dropped it down to .25mg a week and sides crept in. Tiredness, moodiness, lack of libido, ejac volume all but gone, emotional. I took a .65mg dose with my T shot last night and will drop back to .375mg x 2 (.75mg) a week going forward. I will try again once I drop a bit more fat.


Is that a pic of you in your profile? You don’t seem like you have much fat.


Nothing ruins a workout more than a drinking too much the night prior. I’ve watched my strength and endurance completely plummet doing that. Doesn’t matter how much water you drink before hit the gym it still is going to suffer.

Really need to drop the booze myself. At least make it more occasional and not an every weekend thing. Did your fat loss accelerate pretty good after dropping the booze?

I definitely want to get rid of anastozole also. My E is tanked right now though so definitely making an adjustment. I’m going to go to .5mg a week where I was doing .5mg twice a week and see how that goes.


Well its a flattering pic :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I carry my fat around my midsection and chest. Im currently 218lbs and I guess still over 20% bodyfat.


R ur ejaculations usually consistent?
I feel good but my ejaculations some days r watery, some days clumpy, other a mixture, sometimes less volume. I figured this is now a new norm on trt.


I have been an every day drinker for a long time. A couple beers or a couple glasses of wine and maybe a night cap or two. I may go “overboard” once a month or once every other month with friends. I still managed to make progress in the gym after starting TRT but I knew I was limiting myself keeping my liver filtering through poison a lot of the day. Im trying to really dial things in now to see how things work. Having a proper (albeit higher T) hormone profile has made a big difference.

Fat loss hasn’t accelerated per se, but dropping the bloat has made a visual difference in my appearance. I have dropped maybe 4 scale pounds but am seeing more definition and muscle growth so maybe 5+ fat pounds lost since 10/1 without much of a caloric deficit. In order to ease the mental blow of curtailing booze I decided I wouldnt cut cals at the same time and allow myself some indugences like sweets or larger portions so I wasnt expecting to drop a ton of fat. But honestly I kind of was expecting that since I was dropping nearly 1000kcals a day in booze.


Consistent yes but always dependent on hydration, last ejaculation (timing), and level of arousal and how long aroused.


When I came home from overseas, I was an everyday drinker for a while. I still hit the gym but I always looked like shit. Even when I was hitting the gym hard, and drinking maybe 3-4 times a week, I still looked like shit.

I try and keep it on the weekends only now, and try for every other weekend. 2 drinks to get a buzz, and then I might have another if the night keeps going.

Drinking absolutely WRECKED my weight. Once I moderated it, I leaned out SUPER quick and I have never put it back on… Im talking I use to weight 260 fat with some muscle definition, now I weight 185. lean, muscular.


I am really glad you said this @alphagunner. I am hoping this is my trajectory. Im not quite sure how I will moderate at this point but I am rather enjoying full abstinence from it. But a friend did just bring me a nice mixed case of IPAs from VT…but they will keep for a while in my beer fridge :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I am just trying to relearn myself and my possibilities, and break habits, at this point and not sure if that includes alcohol going forward. Four weeks in and still figuring it out. I’m not going to rush things so if it takes 3 months or more then so be it. Im saving a shitload of money and regaining my health too. This is probably not something I could have done before TRT. I would not have been able to handle it I dont think.


I hear you. Even though I moderate, I definitely still over do it sometimes.

Luckily I burn it off so easily during the week.


Well this would be my goal…true moderation with slip-ups easily controlled.


We live in the best place on the planet for IPA right now. Between what’s going on in VT, Maine beer company, trillium, treehouse…oh, and Bissell brothers too. There aren’t many other’s that are better.

I’m with you… I brewed my own beer for 3 years and would keg it… At least 2-4 beers a day with more in the weekends.

That stopped when I started trt last November because I wanted to maximize the juice… Haha. I was 24% bf down to 19% now, but would like lower.

I wonder how many on here that complain if high e2 have really high bf percentage. I’d love to know what others bf % is.


I am 190 lbs, mid teens body fat and a 20.1 E2. Hoping to get down to 10% after a bit on TRT