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NH_Watts' TRT Log


Oh, sweet. I love those studies on NCBI. Good to know, I always reference those.


@NH_Watts , @phil65 - just had my uro appointment. I said I’d post my numbers here. Not the best at testing things or giving me reference ranges, but he’s cool with writing me a good script. So as long as I feel good (which I do), I’ll keep going to him.

On 36mg EOD (120ish a week), my two numbers I got immediately are:

Hematocrit - 45
Total testosterone - 643

I’ll have to call for shbg later. I don’t visit for another 6 months. He’s written my script as “inject .6 to 1ml twice a week”… Test is 200mg/ml, so I have extra… So it’s time to increase dose!

Another surprise was he said if I ever had any itchy nipples or issues, call him and he’d write me a script for “this little pill” call Tamoxifen! I almost tried to back track and say my nipples were itchy…haha

I’ll update my shbg once I have it.

Hope all is well with you guys


def a positive report


Nice. He’s smart and covering his ass cause if u get gyno he can be liable. That’s why am not sure why more Drs don’t offer it.


Probably because it’s off label.


@charlie12, my uro seems like a local to me, lite version of @physioLojik. First thing he asks is how I’m feeling, then we go over what I’ve been doing.

He doesn’t believe in AI’s and believes the male body benefits from estrogen… Regardless of the reason why he’ll prescribe it, I’m glad he’ll prescribe tamoxifen if I say I need it opposed to an AI.

11 months into trt, I’m pretty happy… Considering some of the horror stories I’ve read on this site.


Cool. My trt Dr is a urologist too. And he ask how I feel too. And prescribed ai cause I insisted. He thought my e2 was fine. He was right . This was when I was chasing e2 should = 22

R u in NY?


My second month on trt I wanted e2 tests and an AI. He refused and went on to tell me my dose was so small I wasn’t likely to need one and that estrogen is important for the male body… But if I started to form gyno, he’d write something for me (which I now know is tamox).

Maybe some Dr.s know what they’re talking about afterall. :rofl:

Not in NY, but close - I’m in MA. You in NY?


Yeah. I think nhwatts in ma.
Be nice to be friends with someone near by. I wonder what we would talk about all the time?? :crazy_face:


Yep MA transplant from NH.


Which end of the state I’m in MA on the NY border. I just read your whole log thank you for posting. Starting my TRT journey next week


The whole thing? Damn dude…thats a task LOL. Im nearly as far away in MA as I could be from you as I am basically on the Cape. I did live in Agawam for a few years a while back. Nice country out there.

Good luck with your journey. I just found your log and marked it “Watching” and will follow along. I will catch up on it tomorrow.


Hey man. So my wife started victoza to help lose weight.
She still appears insulin resistance. She was taking 1500 mg metformin. So now that she started victoza n she lowered the metformin to 750 since my wife things she gets sides from it.

So far she did 1 week at .6 titrated to 1.2 mg this week. And can go to 1.8 mg next week.

The frustrating thing is she can’t really exercise cause the bottom of her foot started hurting. Sux


How long has she been using the Metformin? Was she exercising prior to the foot pain?


Well you know. She was trying. She goes on a Streak every couple of weeks where she exercises two tothree times in the week but then she stops again.
3 months on met.

My insurance is covering victoza cause it is a diabetic drug. Saxenda weight loss injection is for weight loss - It is actually the same exact ingredient as Victoza but at 3 mg instead of the 1.8.
Studies indicate she should lose some weight on Victoza. Even though it is less potent. Insurance company will not cover more but they could be a couple of weeks where she could probably go higher than 1.8 since she did not do 1.8 during the whole course of treatment because she had to titrate the dose


Aside from the foot (which is probably just an inflammation due to exercise introduction) how is she doing? Has she dropped weight? Has she changed her diet?


She did lose a few pounds. Probably because of her diet. She limited food. But she probably needs to go on a more specific diet limiting certain foods.

Glucose was still in the low 90s with the Met Forman which I don’t understand why it basically did not change with the Met Forman. By the way I’m using text dictation hence the miss spelling

I’m on the treadmill myself. Ha ha

Doctor said something that her insulin may actually rise a little bit on the labs but that’s a good thing because it’ll remain more stable.

You know man it’s a struggle for them when they’re very overweight. But she hopes that these injection will give her a big jump start where she’ll see some weight loss and get motivated.


Well its a struggle for anyone that isnt motivated to be in the gym. My wife is not overweight but hasnt exercised in nearly 13 years. Its been tough trying to get her motivated especially when she is a size 2 and I compliment her all the time. But she knows she needs to take better care.

Maybe once your wife sees some positive movement she will realize things are moving in the right direction and be motivated to work harder.


I agree. For her to agree with injections I think means she is turning the corner. She even was resistant to basic supps.

I hope the injections make her more horny. Ik that’s a little selfish. :grin:


Hey man if its good for the relationship then its not selfish :slight_smile: