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I mean a little bump in IGF-1 couldn’t hurt right? With no sides? Why not? With an IGF-1 (LC/MS) of 206 its already a good score for my age. But what if it was higher? And from what I have read ipamorelin seems to have very little possible sides.


@NH_Watts i see your point, however Im also of the opinion that with peptides you need one to support the other.

Ghrp actually trigger igf1 therefore without supplementing with ghrp2/6 or cjc1295 the ipamorelin wont be as effective.

So if i was to add it in ide take the cjc1295+ipmorelin combo.

To boost that even further if cutting add ghrp2 if bulking add ghrp6.

But the you sit back and go ok, im triggering my growth hormones to support the added igf1 then why arent i adding frag 171 the closest peptide to actually hgh.

See the issue, to really benefit from peptides they need to be stacked just like aas.

And the cost for them is stupid compared to aas


@NH_Watts why not be in more control an just add in igf1-lr3?


Yes I am seeing that this is getting cost prohibitive. It cost me $125 for 10mg of ipamorelin.


Im not familiar with this one but it is very expensive. Where can I read up on it? Do you take it alone or with the impamorelin?


The peptide im actually researching atm is triptorelin.

This is ghrn for pct, 1 tine shot with limited does. But does have dangers


As mentioned its of my opinion they need to be stacked. How ever igf1 is what you are looking to benefit from. Dosing this directly gives you the ability to control the dose and get bloods to very levels

Hold up i go find it for you


IGF-1 lr3 the Anabolic Powerhouse - Evolutionary.org
https://www.evolutionary.org › igf-1-lr3-…


Now please be careful, this is no different to slin. It can be dangerous shit


Thanks so much @xevox. When it comes to this stuff the less risk the better. I’m in it for health and longevity so I keep my risk taking to a minimum. Until we can CRISPR away some myostatin to promote growth I tread lightly. :smiley:


Check out Follistatin


@xevox Have you read Ben Greenfields write up and if so do you concur with his methodology?


Haven’t read that before but it on point. The dosing is perfect as a starting base. But as mentioned its all about the stacking.


@NH_Watts im off to bed. Any questions let me know. You are in Australia?

Also for pure gains check out sarms s22. This is not a peptide but an injectable sarm. This i would inject in the gym the second i finished my workout.

Its injected bilaterally in to each muscle you trained that day. You will have instant pump this pump with last a few days enough time to get back in the gym to train that muscles group again.

Effectively what happens is not only are you injecting one of the most potent no aas products directly in to the muscles to help protein synthesis. The pump it gives you helps stretch the facia of the muscle allowing micro tearing to repair and grow.

What ends up happening is you build pump on top of pump and the growth is unreal.

The issue is pinning yourself in rhe real delts, lats, and accurately getting each tricep head.

But its worth pinning your self 6 or more times after each session.


Thanks man. Im in the US. And s22 sounds a bit out of my comfort zone but I do appreciate the information.



Cow milk consumption in humans shifts the somatotropic axis to higher levels and significantly increases serum levels of GH and IGF-1.

This is from a paper on NCBI, but its about how western diet increases IGF and causes disease.

Another reason I like milk.


@alphagunner Are we talking αS1 + αS2 casein milk or solely αS2? Would it stand to reason that the increase in IGF is due to the casein proteins of a combination of elements found in the milk?


since we cant link, here is the name of the study “Over-stimulation of insulin/IGF-1 signaling by western diet may promote diseases of civilization: lessons learnt from laron syndrome”

Lots of interesting stuff, your answer is probably in there somewhere. I am not familiar with As1 or as2. There was discussion of what protein was doing to the IGF also.


God damn I have so much reading to do. Thanks a bunch man.


Also, Chris C emailed regarding a link I posted and it appears its just links to health and nutrition sites, which makes sense, but studies on pub med etc should be cool.