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NH_Watts' TRT Log


Blood pressure was a little high. Thats about it.


I probably have steak for 2 dinners and like 2-3 lunches a week. Ive never noticed and upper chest redness. Hematocrit at 43.2. I took my blood pressure last night and it was 130/64 and my resting heart rate this week has been between 56-58 bpm.


My BP is completely normal, no fatigue, itching, or any of those other symptoms.
I just saw a post by nelson vergel (sp) and I guess it can be related to nitric oxide, high serotonin, or scewed T/E ratio (which im sure I have right now)


That’s about my intake as well. Some weeks, I will go balls out and every 5 days of my meal prep will be steak. (top sirloin only)

My last results were
HCT 48.6 (42-52)
HGB 16.1 (14.0-18.0)
RBC 5.12 (4.70-6.10)

This was on 90 a week. 717 TT on trough. This was also after eating steak for almost every lunch during the work week, for about 2 months.

I don’t think I have anything to worry about. But I will check CBC soon.


Haha, yeah… I probably don’t need 10 grams. I just toss a heaping scoop into a tiny bit of water, mix and shoot it down.


Anyone using Leucine? I have been using it for years but havent looked into any recent research.


I’m definitely not. LOL!




No alcohol this month and body fat continues to drop (also staggered my test down by 10mg to 80mg for both shots this week) so I dropped my anastrozole to .375mg per shot this week for a total of .75mg this week.

Deadlift PR on Thursday. At 47 years old. I mean I didn’t start lifting until 30 so…


Do you have a link to that post Alpha?


What about?


Sorry I should have been clearer (:


Cant link on this site anyway. LOL!


Bro you do SQ or IM?


@NH_Watts haha I have steak once a day every day of the week :slight_smile: I truly can find no benefit to using creatine


SQ. Started with IM last year but moved to SQ.


I def don’t have it that much @physioLojik so I supplement. Lately I have been reading that the body can only take in about 2g at a time so its more beneficial to take in the AM and then again in the PM.


Does anyone have any experience with peptides? Specifically ipamorelin. Do you ever prescribe peptides to your patients @physioLojik?


I have had great experiences with peptides however, cant specifically speak to ipamorelin due to the concoction lol.

Ghrp2/6, cjc1295+ipamorelin, AO, hexarelin, frag.

I had solid results for gains without water retention.


@NH_Watts my question is why?

AAS trump peptides, and they can cause just as much damage.

Will be interesting to see @theninja and how he goes on peptides for trt.