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As I understand it tamoxifen blocks estrogen at the receptor without blocking estrogen conversion, estrogen remains high, it just isn’t able to exert full influence on the estrogen receptor.

The question is which is safest, blocking estrogen conversion or blocking estrogen at the receptor.


It’s a good question @systemlord


And which gives you less sides.


An excellent question, I look forward to an answer.


@NH_Watts the answer probably is try. you know this stuff is experimentation and individual.
I lean to you trying novaldex as i think arimidex causes too much of a roller coaster for many.


@anon10230041 I haven’t had any problem with it but when I can get my hands on some tamoxifen I will switch over and see if my nuts and semen go away as my E2 climbs.


Thought this relative to our forum: https://www.gq.com/story/sperm-count-zero/amp



Did you ever hear from @physioLojik regarding your question?

“if I can expect the same benefits from tamoxifen as I have gotten from anastrozole”

I’m interested in the answer too and was wondering if I could have missed the answer somewhere.



Not yet @bcostigan41. He is very busy as he just moved to Colorado and is settling down with his family and starting a new practice IIRC.


New labs taken last Wednesday. Currently between 70-90mg of T-Cyp E3.5D. I also take .65mg anastrozole on the same schedule. Feel great and no real complaints outside of a few body zits and a slightly oily forehead. Happy to see my HCT is behaving on the higher dosage.
Would appreciate any feedback @physioLojik


I just spent 15 minutes reading the whole thread and still…


@NH_Watts For the love of god, brother… DEMAND SHBG TEST AND REPORT BACK ASAP. It’s driving me insane. LMAO


Sorry man but @physioLojik has convinced me that since that number can jump all over the place its not that valid. And for the record I paid for this test. SHBG is another $80 and not sure its worth it.


Fair enough but god damn… a year’s worth could have been enlightening.


Of SHBG readings?


Yeah man, would be REALLY interesting to learn if you had a constant LOW or HIGH level. At the very least, it would stop driving me insane. LMAO


Maybe just to give you peace phil65. Maybe. :smiley:


LMAO I get autistic with this stuff sometimes. hahahaha


@NH_Watts - being from MA too, if you don’t mind sharing, I’m wondering which blood test vendor you used? And the process you went through for blood draw?

Any info is appreciated, thanks.


I ordered Quest Labs through https://www.health-tests-direct.com They offer LabCorp as well but I like the Quest facility much better. Basically you select what you want and pay and they send you a lab slip. Then you set your appt up with Quest and bring in your order form from Health Tests Direct.


Nice. Thank you