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NH_Watts' TRT Log


Four days into DIM and not much to report. I assume it may take a little bit IF it is going to work. Halted iodoral 50mg 10 days ago after 14 days of supplementing. Temp continued to improve over the last 10 days and am happy to report it seems to have come up to where it needs to be. It seems the iodine did correct something. Still fairly tired in the afternoon but Im not falling asleep at my desk all day long. Mental clarity is still working its way up.

5/31 - am - 97.17, pm - 98.34
6/1 - am - 97.86, pm - 98.16
6/2 - am - 97.82, pm - 98.25
6/3 - am - 96.86, pm - 98.26
6/4 - am - 97.86, pm - 98.13
6/5 - am - 97.32, pm - 98.27
6/6 - am - 97.21, pm - 98.08
6/7 - am - 97.80, pm - 99.13
6/8 - am - 97.57, pm - 98.61
6/10 - am - 96.99, pm - 98.60
6/11 - am - 97.53, pm - 98.63


Aaaaaand my new endo is moving out of state. Back to the drawing board.


Oh Lord.
I switched from endo to urologist and it went well.


Its funny you say that. I was thinking about the lobby of the urologist, where I had my vasectomy done, and it was plastered with TRT shit. Im sure it was cream or pellets due to the profit margin but still TRT friendly. May be worth a shot.


Sometimes the urologist with a reproductive specialty/focus are good.

Post your City again maybe others have a recommendation.


Im in the South Shore Massachusetts area. Boston if I have to.


Just a check in:

Been, for the most part, on my current T dose (62.5mg E3.5D) since 1/15/18. My weight had gradually crept up 13 pounds starting in November/December. My early protocol was too low and I was gaining weight even with hitting the gym and no changes in diet. Not to mention crazy hot flashes. On 2/2/18 I hit my most recent high of 237 lbs.

I am happy to report that as of this morning I have shed 20 lbs and currently sitting at 217 (Not sure the last time I was under 220 TBH). I have put on noticeable muscle in most areas as well so fat loss is probably closer to 25+ lbs. My pants have gone from a snug 36" waist to a comfortable 33" waist. All of my lifts are up, along with my mood. My marriage has improved as well. Concentration levels at work are getting better and memory is improving dramatically week to week. Libido is great.

I lift using the 5/3/1 protocol. And I always finish with either 20 mins of sled work or 10 mins HIIT on the elliptical just to get my heart pounding. Wed and Sat I do 30 min HIIT on the elliptical. I can usually get my HR to 161 in the last two hard intervals and in the high 150s for the others prior.

I have been doing some basic intermittent fasting on cardio days and my rest day. Basically no calories all morning early afternoon and shoot for a meal between 1-3. Just water and black coffee. Not sure how much if any of my weight loss I can attribute to this. In the past dieting has NEVER worked for me unless it was severe calorie restriction. Its funny to see things move in a positive direction because nothing worked for so long. Its also funny to see gym time working as well because id been stagnant for the last 6-7 years without making many gains even with switching up lifting styles etc every few months and lifting heavy. I just chalked it up to getting older.

I feel like I am getting there. Currently no AI and no real sides of high estradiol. Introduced DIM a few weeks back and had been taking CalD for a few months prior. I have an appt with a new Endo on 8/3. Tufts med school and current Harvard Medical Faculty Physician and in his 30s so MAYBE he is current on hormone therapies.


This is great stuff man. Congratulations!


Thanks Doc!


My pleasure man. I’m glad you are one of the less is more crowd. If you have to take a drug to counter the side effects of the first drug, maybe your dosage is too high for you lol. I’m so glad you’re feeling good!


Are you still taking both the CDG and dim?


I am still taking both and just in the morning. I have heard of docs suggesting DIM twice a day but I started slow, albeit with the higher dose of 250mg, to see how I reacted. I went with this one and just use a NOW brand for the CalD:



Glad you are starting to feel better and your TRT is having positive effects on your quality of life… Just wondered if you planned to increase your weekly dose as you said increasing has helped you over time. I’ve actually gone the opposite direction. Went too high and having to reduce dose. Sure does take time to get dialled in.


Endo had me drop it to 50mg E3.5D to see where I would end up but I am not seeing him anymore, he’s moving to Jersey, and I felt better at 62.5mg E3.5D so I went back up. My tiredness went away and overall feeling of well being came back.


Interesting your endo would want to reduce your dose when you just started to feel better. It’s how you feel at the end of the day that’s important and not just the numbers. Hope you continue to improve anyhow.


I agree. How I felt was not his concern. He literally never once asked me how I felt. I was giving him a chance as requested by my wife. He was chasing numbers.


Great news! Please be careful with the DIM.

The entire time I kept my e2 in the teens (stupidly), it was with DIM.

Just do labs and know your body.

My tells for low e2: Joints clicking/painful, especially wrists/knees. Dry skin (gradually the skin on the back of my knuckles begain to “scale” and then when my e2 normalizes, it goes back to smooth healthy skin) Poor libido, Generally just feel “off”.

I am only cautioning you because low E2 SUCKS, and it can creep up on you as well as hit you like a ton of bricks. So just be careful and keep eyes on joints and stuff.

My biggest problem was noticing symptoms, but not realizing they were related to low e2.


I appreciate that alphagunner. So far any nagging symptoms are related to elevated E2. Nuts mostly pulled up high, lower AHEM volume, and libido is probably at 80% of where it was when I was on the AI but things seem to be getting better which tells me it may be coming down. If/When I hit the sweet spot then I think I will half the DIM and see how it goes. Trying to be careful as the fat comes off as well since my E2 may drop as I get leaner. Im leary of getting labs and trying to chase E numbers and trying to just go by how I feel. No depression, fog lifting, memory improving, libido is good, no erection issues, less tired during the day, no prostate issues.


Its so refreshing to hear someone say “im having some high e2 symptoms, but I will deal with it until they start to come down” Seriously.

How long have you been on TRT now?

I had a weird instance recently where I think Tumeric, absolutely tanked my e2.

I changed no other supplements.


Well I think I caught this forum right on the cusp of the AI shift that happened recently, so I was kind of lucky. What @physioLojik has said has also been echo’d on the TOT revolution podcast by quite a few docs and the host Jay Cambell (although Crisler and other such docs still push an AI for the most part). It’s hard when you are new to it all and you feel like total shit, head in the clouds, cant concentrate, and you just NEED to feel better.

I started on 10/24/17 but only on 100mg every 14 days.

10/24/17 - 100mg E14D IM
11/28/17 - 100mg E7D IM
1/9/18 - 125mg E7D IM
1/15/18 - 62.5mg E3.5D IM
2/19/28 - 62.5mg E3.5D SQ

(You can track my weight gain to these dates as well. Went from 224 on 12/6/17 to 237 on 2/2/18 and have been steadily dropping since.)

I take a tumeric supp (NOW curcumin) as well just for general inflammation.