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Hardartery says there isn’t. Says they are just now starting to ramp up research on it.

“A deficiency of the CYP2D6 enzyme is inherited as an autosomal recessive trait; these subjects (7% of Caucasians, about 1% of Orientals) are classified as poor metabolizers . … Of these, more than 15 encode an inactive or no enzyme at all. Others encode enzyme with reduced, ‘normal’ or increased enzyme activity.”

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@highpull Would you supplement someone with the following DHEA and Pregnenolone levels? If so at what levels? I tried 100mg of each in the AM for about 4 months and noticed no change.

5/31/2019 - 140mg a week:
Albumin = 4.5
SHBG = 24
TT = 1137
FT = 31.8 (2.8%)
E2 = 65
T/E2 Ratio - 36.3

01/08/21 - 120mg a week:
Albumin = 4.5
SHBG = 30
TT = 964
Calc FT = 23.7 (2.45%)
Actual FT = 16.2 (162.5 pg/mL) no idea why this is so far off the calculated
E2 = 59
T/E2 Ratio - 36.7

No change in amount of aromatization with a 30lb+ fat drop. I still have probably 10 pounds of fat to lose but I would have expected the ratio to drop.

So you feel better on 120 or 140?

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Probably a little bit better on the 140mg. I think I will move my dose up for a few months and see how that goes. What a great idea Charlie :wink:

Same stuff I tried. Haha

Btw my urologist that does my trt, said gonadotropin injections are the new thing I can try instead of hcg. Cause I complained about semen volume. Am not on HCG btw. I’ll start a thread on This

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Yeah, interesting. Would love to hear if it works.

30mg DHEA

Don’t forget that the blood values do not account for the actual amount in bones and other tissues. Like The Brian and the heart… those concentrations do not show up in the blood results because it is produced locally and stays locally.

So even though I was taking 100mg and felt no better you think 30mg DHEA daily would do the trick? thanks.

Amount of what?

I’m really just thinking about optimizing into the upper quartile. Might be worth trying pregnenolone.

Instead or including DHEA? How much preg? Ive done preg in the past as well at 100mg a day.

Thank you


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What formulation was your 100mg DHEA? There’s a post somewhere I think on ExcelMale from Dr Saya at Defy about how non-pharma DHEA and Preg are severely under dosed.

My doc just put me on both, micronized (for better absorption, if not very little will get past your liver), slow release, from Empower. Haven’t started yet but something to think about if 100mg did nothing for you, you might want to get a prescription for pharma grade stuff.

Anecdotally the founder of peaktestosterone mentioned how he had low Progesterone, Cortisol and DHEA and how supplementing with DHEA raised all three and gave him the energy he was still missing on TRT. There you go, here’s the link: https://www.peaktestosterone.com/dhea_pregnenolone

I’m also interested in that because my Cortisol is at the very (very) bottom of the range, and my DHEA is slightly below (!) the minimum of the range.
I did an ACTH test for adrenal insufficiency with an endo though, and it came back negative.

Still, even though TRT has definitely given me a host of benefits, it hasn’t gotten rid of my brain fog nor some residual anxiety.

Not sure my Endo or doc are going to give me a script with the levels still in normal range but low. But this is good info dude, thanks. I think it was NatureBell brand for both. Seemed legit but I will research some more. Just started 25mg a day DHEA today using a Natrol brand product.

I did morning cortisol blood test and it looks ok.




Reference Range

8 a.m. (7-9 a.m.) Specimen: 4.0-22.0

Cortisol doesn’t look bad, mine is at 3 mcg/dL for reference (on 2 tests 3 months apart).

But yeah, I think there’s a big difference between supplement form and pharma grade for DHEA/Preg from all the stuff I read. That could really be the difference.
Might be worth hooking up with an anti-aging clinic or doc to get the good stuff if you’re in the US.

I’m gonna start running DHEA/Preg in 2 months, I’ll definitely keep you updated on what it does for me.

Good idea. Thanks and good luck.

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100mg/day is considered the standard dose.

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Do you have a brand of DHEA/Preg that you’ve had success with?