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NH, Iowa, Michigan Voters: Rudy


If there are any voters out there from these key early states, I'd like you to read this. Then read that who the author has worked for in the past.


I urge you to consider the consequences of giving the nod to someone who cannot defeat hillary.

Don't be sucked in by Romney outspending everyone else in your states.



SO, the Christian Right, arguably the GOPs most powerful voting bloc, is going to vote for the thrice married, cross-dressing, pro-choice, pro-civil union, former New York Mayor over the Arkansas Christian who stuck by her husband through a great ordeal? ... ... ...

Personally I think the Mormon has a better shot. If he can explain his faith real well, he might get the CR up and voting as usual.

And don't count out Obama, as I said in another thread he has more money and poll standings than Kerry did this time last election.


Yes, they are.

However, you are pulling the usual "It's only a blowjob" myopic, lib snowjob.

She didn't "stick by her man" for anything but political gain.


Most people understand that and don't give her ANY credit for being almost RABID in her ambition.

Then you pile on licenses to illegals, flopping all over the map on foreign security, no accomplishments of her own, etc... and Rudy's personal life fades into insignificance.


P.S. I'm more comfortable with a loon liberal like obama. At least he's usually consistent.


Romney and Rudy both have an equally poor chance of defeating Hillary.

Romney has slightly stronger conservative credentials. He is the clear favorite among business owners and the wealthy.

The Christian right hasn't got a clear favorite this election, so Romney's chances are as good or better than anybody's.

He is also the strongest on healthcare of all the Republicans, owing to his experience in Mass., and that would give him some clout among moderates.

P.S. You should be "comfortable" with Hillary, Jeff. She's the closest thing to a neocon the Democrats have.





I don't know how one classifies rodham other than rabidly ambitious.

The licenses for illegal aliens should tell everyone loud and clear that she'll say anything to further her agenda.

Notice that yesterday, she was against the idea? Coincidence that it was the same day spitzer pulled the plug on the idea?

I'm not comfortable with this kind of person, let alone politician.

I'd much prefer an obama who, even though he's inexperienced and his politics suck, is consistent.

Like a chameleon, she's morphed herself into so many manifestations that you think she's a "neo-con." Others think she's a far left loon. One minute she's a strong, standard bearer for women. In the next breath she's a victim being picked on.

The list goes on and on.


P.S. I just can't warm up to Romney. I've tried.