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Ngannou vs JDS Targeted for UFC 239 July


Imagine how crazy it would be if Ngannou defeats Dos Santos. Currently my top 10 heavyweights:

1. Cormier (beat Nelson, Mir, Barnett,Hendo, Johnson x2, Gustafsson, Miocic)
2. Miocic (beat Nelson, Hunt,Ngannou, Overeem, Werdum, JDS)
3. Dos Santos (beat Nelson, Mir, Carwin, Cro Cop, Hunt, Velasquez, Werdum, Miocic)
4. Werdum (beat Nelson, Hunt, Overeem,Noguiera, Velasquez, Fedor)
5. Velasquez (beat Lesnar, Noguiera and JDS twice [hence the reason i’ve put him in my top 5])
6. Fedor (beat Mir, Noguiera x2 , Cro Cop, Arona, Hunt, Kohsaka, Arlovski, Sylvia, Randleman, Coleman [but also lost a lot])
7. Noguiera (beat Cro Cop, Hendo, Barnett, Couture, Sylvia)
8. Cro Cop (beat Wand, Barnett x3, Randleman, Coleman)
9. Ngannou (beat Arlovski,Velasquez, Overeem)
10. Overeem (beat Belfort x 2, Arlovski, Mir, Nelson, Huntx2, Werdumx2,JDS, Lesnar [won alot but lost alot too])

If Ngannou beats JDS he leapfrogs above the PRIDE fighters imo- nobody has managed to defeat both JDS and Cain.