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NGA (Bodybuilding Federation), Kids Division?!





Yeah. No.

No, No, NO.


Pls tell me this was posted on April 1st or some shit.


What could possibly go wrong?!?


Yeah and from those pics they didn’t even bring great conditioning :roll_eyes:

… but seriously, when does it end…?


How do you even judge that? Literally…as a judge…how?

*Boys Physique Competitor: Why’d I get 5th, judge?

*Judge: Well, your chest isn’t developed enough, and your shoulders aren’t wide enough. Also your lats didn’t flare enough, and your calves were really lacking.

*Boys Physique Competitor: …Well…no shit! I’m 8 years old, dumbass!


"Please no"


I saw this and was APPALLED, and even worse were the comments from the post saying how great it was!


no way any of those kids are natural


Is there a way to invest in future predatory sex scandals? Because I think I see a retirement opportunity here


Please let this be a hoax.

I had some seriously stunted wrestling coaches who cut weight too often as children. This is stupid on so many levels. The teen division isn’t young enough?

As they step off the stage half naked, slathered in fake tan in front of a room full of adults… might as well have a child psychiatrist waiting.


If anybody goes to such an event, DO NOT TAKE PHOTOS…the cops will get you for child pornography somehow…

Drinking BCAAs Throughout the Day

You seem to know an awful lot about this…


I don’t know what you’re talking about…

::starts shredding digital files anyway::


Too late mane


All of the gifs


khangles: j4gga2 pls your powers of observation and deduction never cease to amaze > Sherlock Holmes



I sincerely hope there aren’t any johnlock fandom stories on that hard drive of urs


giphy (1)

Bitch pls. “Elementary” in all it’s dumbed down American glory is > Sherlock


Oh boy. I hurt for you