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NGA Alabama Natural Open - Super Pro Qualifier

Announcing the 2010 NGA Alabama Natural Open Bodybuilding, Figure and Fitness Model Championships, a Super Pro Qualifier, Spain Park High School, Hoover, Alabama, July 10, 2010.

That’s right, we are presenting a Super Pro Qualifier event in 2010, which means you will have the opportunity to compete for an NGA Pro Card in every Class. Any Class that has five or more contestants registered and competing, will make that Class a Pro Qualifier. If you win your Class, we will make you an NGA Pro.

Open Figure Tall - Pro Qualifier
Open Figure Short - Pro Qualifier
Master Figure Tall - Master Pro Qualifier
Master Figure Short - Master Pro Qualifier
Open Men’s Lightweight - Pro Qualifier
Open Men’s Middleweight - Pro Qualifier
Open Men’s Light Heavyweight - Pro Qualifier
Open Men’s Heavyweight - Pro Qualifier
Open Women’s Lightweight - Pro Qualifier
Open Women’s Heavyweight - Pro Qualifier
Masters Men 40+ - Master Pro Qualifier
Masters Men 50+ - Master Pro Qualifier
Masters Men 60+ - Master Pro Qualifier

If there are not five competitors in your Class, you can still win an NGA Pro Card by winning the Overall in Figure, Open Bodybuilding or Masters.

In addition, we will offer a Teens, Novice Figure and Novice Bodybulding class and a Men’s and Women’s Fitness Model Search Class

Watch this space for more contest details. Have a great Christmas and New Year’s and make a New Year’s resolution to Win Your NGA Pro Card on July 10 at the 2010 NGA Alabama Natural Open.

Thank you.

Scott Hults & John Rossman
Contest Promoters