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NFL's Biggest Hits Video

Nasty, nasty stuff. I think Sean Taylor and Bob Sanders are both on here 2 or 3 times.

Good stuff, especially the Ravens DB at the end. Pats weren’t on there much though…

damn. i fear those men.

Gotta love Al Wilson laying the wood on Deion Branch. That hit was legendary.

It was ok, I’ve seen much better clips though…

Who ever the assclown who made this video was, used the worst possible loser music ive ever heard, i had to turn it off half way through because of the “i got harassed all through high school” disturbed music. Other than that, great video, just shit awful music. I mean that first song was so lame, god that shit pisses me off. Sorry

The rugby league video posted earlier was much better.

Football often has too many blockers between the big hitters and the ball carrier. In fact the blocks are often better than the tackles.

I agree the music sucked too.

Overall it was still a cool video.

Some pretty good ones but I think this takes the cake everytime.

That was the WORST VIDEO i have ever seen. Every fucking clip gives you motion sickness, uses unsteady camera work, and detracts from anything that happend on the football field. DONT WATCH IT. Its like watching a tennis match but instead of the camera filming the play, they film the ball getting smacked from side to side. Fucking video

[quote]E-man wrote:
Some pretty good ones but I think this takes the cake everytime.

holy shit, did you read that post below it, the guys jaw was broken