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NFL's Best Physique?

Martin Grammatica is teh sexy.

Seriously, I gotta go with TO. Even though I can’t stand the guy he’s built like a stud. Maybe Shaun Alexander since I think the hydraulic pistons he has instead of legs are the shit.

[quote]hoosierdaddy wrote:
hoosierdaddy wrote:
RED9 wrote:
Another white guy that most ppl don’t know about is Kevin Kasper from Iowa, now w/ the Patriots. He is freak (set 3 combine records and Joe Defranco’s vote for “Biggest freak he’s ever worked with”).

tossup between archuletta and kasper… he is an absolute freak

nm, it’s defintely kasper

Oh puhhlease. David Boston outweighs Kasper by 50 pounds and has a lower bodyfat percentage.

Grady Jackson gets my vote.

It’s Boston

That is All

[quote]Vegita wrote:
Shannon sharpe was pretty jacked, even though he is retired now, in the past 5-10 years he may have been the most jacked.

BTW, check just to the right of the #4 on his back, is that his lat? [/quote]

Looks like it is lat in the lower portion and shoulder pads above that.

D.Boston is jacked, but there’s a reason he got a couple game suspension from the NFL big wigs right? Archuleta is an animal. But if were talking physique its either TO or Boston.



The man is Adonis

For the record I believe it’s Boston by a lot. Just saying out of white guys Kevin Kasper has quite the physique.

Really Boston should just retire and get to 290 at 6% “natural” like he talked about in a ESPN article and become a bodybuilder. I was actually surprised with the steroid suspension. With how serious he takes his diet, how adament he was in never taking steroids, and the fact he never failed in the past still makes me consider it may be more along the lines of what JuPepp was suspended for or something similar(taking ephedra unknowingly).

Kasper vs. TO, you kidding me…
TO is like 6’3" and about 226

Boston is juiced…

Who cares if he’s juiced topic of the thread is NFL’s Best Physique.

And that would be Boston.

Romanowski was pretty beast.

And if memory serves so was Steve Atwater.

Shannon Sharpe was pretty big.

David Bostin = buff

Simeon Rice … the man has insane workouts.

And lets not forget … Jerry Rice is a testament to working out!!


I definitely have to give the vote to David Boston. I am shocked to see that noone mentioned Eddie George. He has a fantastic physique. You also have to like Michael Pittman’s guns (and yes, I’m a Buc’s fan). The rest of his body ain’t too shabby either.

I had no idea Kasper was build like that… Damn white boy… I have hope now.

maybe the ? should be best natural and best juiced…
Boston and Romo both juiced
Does Kasper play???


I am a Bucs fun too (from Va) … don’t know HOW if forgot Pitt on my list. The boy IS built (like a Hummer … lol … only you will probably understand that joke).

Thomas Jones has some big guns also.

Matter of fact … Pittman, Boston, Thomas Jones, and Simeon Rice all played for the Cardinals at one point. The SC must know his shit!!



Did you guys see the training pix section of Kasper’s site?


This kid is something else. He benches over 400lbs to go with his speed.

Let’s not foget Lavarr Arrington. The guy looks like a freakin cartoon.

I agree that I’d kill to have Boston’s guns, though.

[quote]c-mack wrote:
Did you guys see the training pix section of Kasper’s site?


This kid is something else. He benches over 400lbs to go with his speed. [/quote]

oh i thought you know, being 200 pounds and ripped means nothing on this website, even if you run a 4.4 and have a higher vertical leap then vince carter. It wouldnt matter if he could bench 500 pounds, or 600, unless he was atleast 250, simply because you have to be huge to look good and have a great physique

i’ll say it again, kasper gets my vote


In the ESPN Magazine article that had those pics of Boston, they mentioned he and Thomas Jones trained with the same coach… Charles Poliquin.

Juiced or not, I’d say it’s freakish for Boston to have that physique and line up at wideout. Although it seems as his body has improved, his game has declined…

Also, the ESPN article had face shots of him at Ohio State and today… his biggest size gains of all seem to be on his jaw and his dome… whatever that means…

YEA they are all cut like warriors but no one beats Ray Lewis

Takeo Spikes is another impressive specimen.

Other honorable mentions include Julius Peppers, Boss Bailey, Ruben Droughns.

The Sharpe, Atwater, Romanowski trio were the EAS guys while they were with Denver, right? It is true, those guys were pretty stacked in their day. Conversley, Billy-Ray Smith (former Charger Linebacker) was saying this morning on his radio show that when he shook hands with Romo and felt his forearm it felt clammy and “weird” when he bumped into him at the '02 super bowl week…