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NFL Week One


Man its gonna be a LONG season for my Raiders. We couldnt do anything right last night and this Aaron Brooks experiment is killing me. With that beast of a defense in Baltimore I wanna hide my head in the sand. I mean Merriman himself destroyed our line..with the Ravens D-Line and their linebackers it could be another horrorshow.

My predictations for the season:
Baltimore coming out of the AFC
and either the Falcons or the Eagles in the NFC


tell me about it man i dont remember the last time i saw a defense dominate an offensive line like that.

As for superbowl predictions i cant make any its to tuff this year. but in the nfc i got the seahawks winning the west, the bears in the north, the panthers in the south, and the cowboys in the east, with the wildcards being the giants and falcons.

in the afc i got the broncos in the west, steelers in the north, colts in the south, the pats in the east, wildcards chargers and bengals


Exxxxactly. They can even win with their backup QB. I don't get why nobody gives a defending champ a shot at even getting to the Super Bowl, let alone repeating the win.

Jax should be a nice test this coming Monday though...


First off, I am a lifelong Packers fan.
The Packers have got to be the worst team in the NFL by far, perhaps rivaling the pre and first years of Troy's Cowboys. Seattle and Chicago seem to be the smart money picks to win their divisions. Give the Steelers thier kudo's. Despite Sabin making a rookie mistake with the replay, the Steelers look great.


AFC East Standings:

New England Referees: 1-0
New Jersey Jets: 1-0
Buffalo Bills: 0-1
Miami Fish: 0-1

As of next week:

New England Referees: 2-0
Buffalo Bills - 1-1
New Jersey Jets: 1-1
Miami Fish - 0-2


Merriman is a man among boys. I might not agree with AJ Smith all the time, but damn, drafting Castillo, Olshansky and Merriman last year was the best thing the Chargers have ever done outside of drafting LT.

Rivers looked ok for a three year veteran. He's not Carson Palmer, yet, but with LT in the backfield and an offensive line that knows how to knock skulls around it's going to be a fun year. KC, Denver, and Oakland all have losses in the AFC west, so the stage is set for SD to have a great season.

Raiders... Ugh...

Packers... Ugh...

As for Dallas, I just don't see them doing it this year. Losing to Jacksonville doesn't bode well for their season.

The Steelers were really sharp, Fast Willie was really able to show his stuff last thursday and I was impressed. Now if they can only do something about Batches' Moms' hairdo (looked like she had a pint of Guinness on her head) they'd be all set...



Eagles in the NFC. We got the Anti-TO and the RB's look solid.

Defense tough as always. Next week the season really starts for Philly though, Giants at our house.


LOL, yeah, that was kind of embarassing as a Steelers fan...

I think Roethlisberger will be back in next game though, so no more camera time for Batch's mom, shucks...


who is running the ball for the eagles?


Burkhalter back from an injury and Westbrook. Both are solid RB's.

Stallworth is weaing 18 and playing TO's position. TO wore 81. They refer to him as the anti-TO on the sports talk station.


At least the Packers already have their next QB and won't have to waste the overall number 1 on it next year.


I had high hopes for the Cowboys, but that was one of the worst games they have played since their 1-15 season back in 89. I've watched Bledsoe since college (we were both at Wash St. together), that was his worst performance...EVER!

Julius Jones is a HUGE disappointment. WTF? He hasn't done squat in 3 years. The "New and improved, biggger, stronger, faster defense" just sucked. This is going to be a long season.


I'm a big Dallas fan too and I was a bit disappointed. But don't give up. I always tell people don't expect the SupreBowl but they will be better this year. I still believe that. But their O-line is still mediocre at best and until they get that fixed they are just an okay team. The Steelers looked awesome.


The Cowboys came out and were absolutely dominating the Jags for the first quarter. Then it just went to shit. Bledsoe has been in the league WAY too long to still be throwing making such crappy decisions. At least Romo can run and have a chance of making something happen.

The running game is shit because of the scheme, I think. The plays they run between the tackles are horrible. They are slow to develop and any hole that might have been there are closed years before the back can hit the line.


Last night did not give me a whole lot of excitement. I thought for sure the offense would at least make the game fun. The offensive stats for the Raiders were just embarrassing.

Oh well..week one.


I do not want to sound like a b*tch, but was the hit on KC QB Trent Green a penalty or what? He was hook sliding, hence giving himself up, if that was Tom Brady would they of called it?


Damnit, I knew in third grade that Art Shell wasn't the answer...yet here we are now.


I am sure if they keep it up Al will get rid of him again. I think we are doomed until we get rid of Mr. Al Davis.


Yes, steelers look good, with a backup quarterback and plan. As long as Big Ben is playing OKAY upon his return, they are in good shape.


Go Bills!