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NFL - Week 8

Ah…now that’s more like it. Last week - 9 up, 5 down. On the nose with the Bears and the Texans. What to make of the Cowpokes, though? Are they indeed unraveling before our eyes, or is this just a mid-season hiccup? And losing to the Lambs, no less. The team my friend (had he been available) would have picked to lose by 21, instead WINS by 20. Can’t get much lower than that. Pity they don’t play the Lions this season.

Anyway, on to Week 8…

OAK @ BAL - Maybe you’ll want to read a book, or rearrange your sock drawer, or get a root canal instead. Whatever you do, don’t watch this game. The first one to 10 points wins. Could take a while, but it’ll be…Ravens by 1.

ARI @ CAR - Neither team has been impressive week to week, but they’re each at the top of their divisions. Since Carolina is at home, I’ll pick them, but that’s the only reason why. Panthers by 4.

TB @ DAL - You think Brad Johnson is going to save this team until Romo comes back? He threw more passes to the Rams last week (3) than to his own team’s new wide receiver (0). Bucs by 3.

WAS @ DET - Come on, when was the last time the Lions beat the Redskins? Lions go to a perfect 7-for-7 in the loss column. Redskins by 10.

BUF @ MIA - How about those Bills? Nobody guessed they would be in first place this late in the season. But can they win in the heat of South Florida in late October? Uh…not this time. Dolphins by 2.

STL @ NE - This will be closer than one would have surmised at the start of the season. Saint Louis has a pair of good wins after an awful start. But I think the Patriots, banged up as they are, still win this one. Pats by 7.

SD @ NO - Well, technically this one is being played in London, England, so it’s not even really a home game for the Saints. Both teams are struggling with injuries and bad defense. Add to that jet lag, and you get a sloppy game between two teams who would rather be anywhere else. Since the Chargers had to travel further, they will lose. Saints by 4.

KC @ NYJ - Another “who cares?” game. The Jets, at least, have a longshot chance of playing in January, so they should be a little more inclined to play well. And they will. Jets by 6.

ATL @ PHI - Both birds of prey have been feasting on opponents so far, but the one coming off the bye week and playing at home this week should prevail. Eagles by 4.

CIN @ HOU - If Cincinnati is planning on winning a game this year, this may be one of their few good opportunities left to do so. But Houston is playing better, and should win. Texans by 5.

CLE @ JAC - Sigh…flip a coin…Jags by 3.

NYG @ PIT - This will be a slug-em-out contest with lots of hitting and little scoring. A 10-7 verdict either way would not be a surprise. Give it to the Steelers this time. Steelers by 3.

SEA @ SF - Nolan’s already out, Holmgren may be next. Yuck. Another unwatchable contest. Niners by 6. (Or should it be Sixers by 9? Oops…wrong sport.)

IND @ TEN - If the Colts lose this one, they will have lost as many regular season games already as they have in any of the past five years. With nine still to play. Not looking good for Peyton and the boys. As hard as it is for me to believe, the Colts are done. And it’s still only October. Titans by 7.

Pretty good picks. I’d say that the SD vs. NO game will be a shoot out though. Will be Brees first game against his former team. Also, the Chargers were already in Buffalo so they traveled less.

i went to the MNF game this week; the Denver Defense must have stayed home.

Too bad the Bronco’s QB hurt his finger…