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NFL - Week 7

Ouch. 4 up, 10 down last week. One can obviously tell this is purely for entertainment purposes, eh? But then, I am used to being ridiculed and scorned. To make things worse, my friend lucked up on his weekly Giants in-jest forecast. Some days you’re the windshield, some days you’re the bug. (Dire Straits, anyone?)

Maybe this week I will be better. But don’t count on it. I never do.

On to Week 7 we go…

SD @ BUF - In spite of last week’s win, the Chargers still have some serious defensive issues. Fortunately for them, Matt Cassell is no Tom Brady. For that matter, neither is Trent Edwards. But he is closer. Bills by 4.

NO @ CAR - Another NFC South contest which I have no freakin’ clue how it’s going to turn out. So I’ll just guess. Um…Panthers by 3.

MIN @ CHI - Based on last week’s games, here’s guessing it won’t come down to a last second field goal for either team this time. And the outcomes for each side will be reversed. Bears by 7.

PIT @ CIN - The Bengals really need a bye week, if only for their fans’ sake. Just think…only a little less than 6 months until the Reds’ Opening Day. Steelers by 10.

TEN @ KC - Tennessee is the last unbeaten team left in the NFL. They should remain so for at least another week. Titans by 6.

BAL @ MIA - Another game in which I have no clue which of these will be Jekyll and which will be Hyde. (Is that a Poe reference? Wait…no, Robert Louis Stevenson. Oh well…so much for Baltimore’s chances.) Dolphins by 4.

SF @ NYG - Surely the Giants won’t come out flat again after Monday night’s debacle in the Dawg Pound. My friend can’t get that lucky two weeks in a row. Giants by 8.

DAL @ STL - The Rams have done something Dallas hasn’t done this year…beat the Redskins. Meanwhile, the 'Pokes have lost Romo for a month and Pacman for a long time, and JJ goes and spends 3 draft picks and a lot of cash picking up another sullen wide receiver from a retread team (who shall remain nameless to protect the guilty and their fanbase). Sounds like another Dallas soap opera, 30 years after the original TV series. Having piled on like a hater might (and I am NOT one of those - but I do root for whoever is playing them in most cases), I still say…Cowboys by 3.

DET @ HOU - Why, dear Lord, did I have to be born a Lions fan? For that matter, why couldn’t they make a hit soap opera based in Detroit? Besides the obvious, I mean. Texans by 7.

IND @ GB - If the Colts are truly back to form like everyone says they are, then Green Bay is toast. Colts by 3.

NYJ @ OAK - Have the Raiders mailed it in already? Wow, was that an awful performance last week. Gonna be a long year in the city by the bay. Jets by 7.

CLE @ WAS - Last week was an aberration for both teams. Or was it? Yes it was. Redskins by 7.

SEA @ TB - In Jeff Garcia I trust, as long as he’s playing in Tampa. Bucs by 5.

DEN @ NE - Might be Cassell’s last stand if he has another game like last week. Could get ugly in Foxboro and the Boston area, especially if the Red Sox get eliminated by the Rays. The Rays? Going to the World Series? Who’dathunk that in April…or for that matter, ever? Oh…wait a minute…football, this is supposed to be football we’re discussing here. Yeah. Football. OK. Gostkowski saves Cassell’s job for another week. Pats by 3.

Bye Week: ATL, PHI, ARI, JAC - Nothing to see here folks, move along.