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NFL - Week 2


Ouch, I only went 8 of 8 in week one. If I had reversed all my picks, I'd have been... let me see... 8 of 8 as well. Funny ol' thing, math.

The recap of the ones I missed: The Giants, in spite of Eli's usual subpar skills, won. Eli truly reeked. The guy tickled 50% at what, 125 yards in the air? Something like that.

The Lions apparently are offended that St. Louis is trying to knock them from their title of Worst Team Ever in the History of Syndicated Team Athletics, so they rolled over to let their pups nurse.

Seattle is a pack of punks.

The Chargers barely lost in a non-snoozer, which means they were annihilated, as far as I am concerned.

The Colts let the Bears outscore them...I can come up with no harsher commentary.

The Raiders lost at home to a pack of tools. They will compete with St. Louis for worst record this season.

Now, for Week 2:

  1. Titans at Bengals: Well, the Titans' starting QB is out, so normally you'd have to give it to Cincy at home. But man, they reek. Nevertheless, Bengals by 4.

  2. Bills at Jaguars: I have to pick, here? Hmmm.... Jaguars by 1. You ain't getting a spread outta me on this one.

  3. Raiders at Chiefs: Chiefs by 3. This is another pickum, really. A classic AFL rivalry. The Chiefs, though, are the epicenter of near-constant season and career ending injuries. No lie. Every season they lose someone a career, either their own or the other teams'. Last week, they took Brady out for the season. Next week, someone will get paralyzed. That spells EXCITEMENT.

  4. Colts at Vikings: Although the road picks burn me, I have to go with the Colts by 4.

  5. Bears at Panthers: No way can the Bears pull it out of their crack twice. Panthers by 3. If the Panthers lose this one after slopping one out of San Diego last week, I will petition the U.S. government to send Sherman through the entire South again.

  6. Packers at Lions: Packers by 21. Yeah, THAT'S WHAT I SAID, BRETT ERVIN. Your lions let me down last week.

  7. Giants at Rams: Wow... I had vowed to never pick the Giants, but they're playing the Rams... Oh, well.. Rams by 2!

  8. Saints at Redskins: Sheesh. Are the Redskins for real? Are the Saints? Can both lose? Redskins by 3.

  9. 49'ers at Seahawks: Seattle by 7. Ooooooh yeah... Brave spread. Bet you wish I gambled, eh?

  10. Falcons at Buccaneers: Tampa Bay by 7. Another FEARLESS spread.

  11. Patriots at Jets: Wow... See, the Pats' QB hasn't started a game since the CLINTON administration. The Jets have Favre. I have to go with the Jets at home, by 3.

  12. Chargers at Broncos: Broncos by 1. What? You got a better spread?

  13. Dolphins at Cardinals: Do the Dolphins play badly enough to lose to the Cardinals? I think they do! Cardinals by 3.

  14. Ravens at Texans: Why, oh why, must they play these games? With the exception of Ray Lewis potentially killing a man on the field, this game holds no reason whatsoever for anyone to watch. Ravens by 6. Another FEARLESS spread.

  15. Steelers at Browns: Steelers by 28. This time, I am serious.

  16. Eagles at Dallas: Both teams played ghosts last week and dominated. Both are overconfident. The Eagles will recover from the shock of a real opponent first. Eagles by 4.


The Broncos and Rams picks are pretty bold.


What are you talking about? Who in the last few years as suffered a career-threatening injury while playing for or against the Chiefs? Tom Brady? Knee injuries happen every week. Trent Green? The man was invincible then suffered a concussion, came back, and still plays. Priest Holmes? Please. The man took the Chiefs for everything he could.

Your comments are stupid. The injury rate during Chiefs games is no different than any other teams.


You, my witty little friend, need to carry a dictionary with you at all times, much like the helmet you likely require as well.

Sarcasm ought to be your first mission.

Aside from that, step away from the keyboard and let that twitch subside.


You..Son..of..A..Bitch! G-Men all the way you rat bastard.


Dallas will hand Philly their ass.

Slackers should put a hurting on Detroit.


Seen them already but here they are again. My pics for week two

CHI @ CAR - CAR again this could go either way

TEN @ CIN - CIN I just cant see Cin playing like that 2 weeks in a row plus Kollins is starting for Ten.


BUF @ JAC - JAC Buf looked good and i think this is another game that could go either way.

OAK @ KC - OAK This is just going to be an ugly game. I think Oakland is better than they played tonight. I had origonaly picked KC

IND @ MIN - IND The Viks need to find a passing game if they want to make the play offs


NO @ WAS - NO Manning ate the Skins up no reason to think Brees wont do the same

SF @ SEA - SEA I think the Sea Hawks are on the way down but SF isnt looking any better

ATL @ TB - TB The Falcons looked good Sunday but they wont run for 220+ on TB

MIA @ ARI - ARI The Dolphins are much better with Pennington at QB and this one could go either way.

SD @ DEN - SD Cutler looked really good against the Raiders and I think SD will be down this year as well. SD is going to have to come out and hit Denver in the mouth really really hard.

BAL @ HOU - BAL The Ravens played a good game and I didnt bet to see any of the Texans so I really dont know how this one will end up but I think HOU was better than their record last year.

NE @ NYJ - NYJ Well this will be the one no one will be able to get away from. It will be interesting to see what happens


PHI @ DAL - PHI again I think this will be the game of the week. Both teams look very very good in week one, both are good on either side of the ball. I know The Eagles were without their #1&2 WR not sure if they get them back or not but I'll take Philly in a shoot out


I don't care about what anyone says. Broncos will win. Maybe they can poke LT in the eye and he will take himself out of the game for "being hurt".


You crazy Canadians acting like you know anything about our football league...how cute:)


They are probably watching it on tv wondering when soccer players started wearing helmets.

"What the f is this eh?"


Falcons may not rush for 220 yards on TB but I'm gonna call for another W this week, then again I'm an optimist.




I hope the Broncos DESTROY the Chargers. Philip Rivers is a player I hope gets injured, he is an asshole.

Jay Cutler is going to be a great quarterback! The next Elway? Now that they have the diabetes figured out, he is going to be good. Not that there won't still be some growing pains, but he will impress a lot of people this year.

Go Broncos!


While I almost never wish injury upon a player, he is a total dickhead.

Rather than wish for an injury, I just hope his career somehow deteriorates to laughing status, a-la Ryan Leaf.


CHI @ CAR - Will the real contender please stand up? CAR by two scores.
BUF @ JAC - SEA made BUF look a lot better than they really are. JAC by a TD.
OAK @ KC - KC at home by a FG.
IND @ MIN - Peyton returns to form. IND by two scores.
NO @ WAS - Reggie Bush: feast or famine? Famine. WAS in a tight one.
NYG @ STL - Giants in a laffer.
GB @ DET - The Lions fucking suck. GB by a bunch.
TEN @ CIN - The Bengles fucking suck. Titans by fatality.
SF @ SEA - Non jet-lagged 'Hawks blow out the Niners.
ATL @ TB - TB in OT.
MIA @ ARI - Fins aren't there yet. Cards by two scores.
NE @ NYJ - Mangenius revels in Belicheat's misfortune. Jets by a FG.
SD @ DEN - LT runs all over the Brocos D, just like every other year. SD in a shootout.
BAL @ HOU - The Ravens aren't for real. HOU in a squeaker.
PIT @ CLE - This will be business as usual for the Stillers. Lamarr "Deebo" Woodley by donkey punch.
PHI @ DAL - McNabb shows Romo how it's done. PHI by a TD.


Wow, but I did think what he said about their recivers eating up Hall on MNF was kind of a dick thing to say. Even if Hall is a dumbass.

I will never forget when Steve Smith got to him and he got like 60 yards of penaltys on one drive...lol..classic


CHI @ CAR - Bears
BUF @ JAC - J'ville
IND @ MIN - Minny
NO @ WAS - Nawlins
NYG @ STL - Giants
GB @ DET - Packers by 35
TEN @ CIN - Bengals by 6
SF @ SEA -Hawks
ATL @ TB - TB by a bunch
MIA @ ARI - Zona
SD @ DEN - San
BAL @ HOU - Houston
PIT @ CLE - Pitt
PHI @ DAL - Dallas...Not close. Final will be closer than the entire game, because of a late gimme.


I second that! Never want to see anyone get hurt but maybe a virus in his throwing arm? Rivers is captain D-bag.


The Giants won't even make the playoffs this year. Mark it down.


Awww, Johnny Texas feeling a little sore about your QB choking once again in the playoffs? Hope fully Romo won't be more concerned about getting ass then preparing for the game this year. Its all good, i'll get my popcorn ready to watch the colossal melt down you guys will have around week 12. Mark it down, then choke on it.