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NFL Trivia: Wild Card

Got a trivia question for you guys (and I DO NOT know the answer!)

Has a Wild Card team ever won the Super Bowl? If not, have any Wild Card teams even made it to the Super Bowl? THANKS!

the bills did it-remeber that huge comeback in the wildcard game in 93 or so-wasnt baltimore a wild card last yr???

I think the Raiders might have won one in the early 80’s. I’m not quite sure. I think Jim Plunkett might have been the QB.

Patriots made it to super bowl as wild card in 1986. Don’t know about others. Pats lost to bears.

ravens last year

The Ravens.

Now THAT one caught me off guard, guys! I didn’t realize that the Ravens were a Wild Card last year…

Ravens last year and Raiders in late 1970’s(not sure about year).

The Raiders won the 1983 SuperBowl as the wildcard, and the Ravens did it last year. I also think, although I’m not sure about this, that the Broncos were a wild-card when they beat Green Bay for Elway’s first SuperBowl victory.

what about the bills in the early 90s???

I think the 1980 Raiders and the 1997 Broncos were wild card teams that won the Super Bowl.

yep the 80’ wild card raiders team beat the eagles in the super bowl. go iggles!!!

The 1969 KC Chiefs.

AAAHHHHHH!!! please help me!!! the FIRST wild card team to play in the superbowl was the Pats.

My chiefs. Check http://www.football-reference.com/years/1969.htm

Also check http://www.superbowl.com/xxxvi/history/recaps/sbiv.html