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NFL Training


I'm just curious, what kind of training do these NFL stars do? After looking at pics in thread about Best sports physique I was wondering what exactly do they do.
And yeah, what works for the pros doesn't always work for others, but I'm just curious about this one.

That Pittman guy has a physique I aspire to have in a few years:)


I can't say for any NFL stars, but at my school (University of Virginia), the focus for football players is pretty much working on big compound lifts with some isolation work afterwards, a lot of tough ab work (it's a medicine ball complex that pretty much kills me after one run through), and tough cardio after all the lifting (they run up and down the stairs at U-Hall, our basketball arena, over and over). I did their weight lifting program without the cardio last summer for about a month with a former reserve, and it was good stuff. I was surprised by the overlap between what they did and the Waterbury programs I found here.

I can probably dig up the workouts I did if you really want. My school's thrown out a bunch of NFL talent in the last few years, and the strength coach used to work with the Jets, so their lifting is hopefully fairly representative of an NFL style program, though I'd imagine there's less intensity, given that they do have non football concerns . . .or at least some do.


That would be great, of course if it's not too much.
I would really appreciate it.


I too, would like to see how these NFL Guys train.

It suprises how much their diet sucks and how they are still able to attain such great physiques.


i love how everybody forgot to mention their sport specific drills... as if that's not the primary builder of their physiques.

think of all the time they spend on the field training the movements specific for their positions.


Bear in mind the vast majority of these guys are genetic freaks. Someone like Jevon Kearse or David Boston, juice or not, is going to blow up on any decent weight program.


I saw the Texans training manual a few weeks back and it was pathetic. Tons of machines, I don't think squating or deadlifting was even mentioned.


Yea and have you seen their team's record from last season?


The Houston Texans have their workouts online... I wouldn't follow any of it.. but its there.


They do this for a job so id imagine its quite intense. They can train, and usually do twice a day and have all the time in the world to eat and rest up.

Did anyone ever see that article in SI about a year ago where they interviewed a couple players on their workouts like Donovan Darius? Im sure that it might be somewhat wrong. One thing that I noticed was Tiki Barber and his 45 degree squats.


I don't know what the hell was I thinking, but the answer to my question was in front of me all the time, and I didn't see it.
Defranco's WS4SB.


The Texans strength coach is a big time HIT (High Intensity Training) guy, so his training is mostly based on machines and working to failure. I've gone through the rookie manual for the Jets and its actually pretty boring, basic stuff.

The new Falcons strength coach is a conjugated/Westside guy so hopefully he'll be bringing some of that with him. Also look up Buddy Morris and Tom Myslinski (Coach X and 62 from Elitefts); they are two of the best (if not THE best) out there.


Is this the same Tom Myslinski that played for UT, Jacksonville and Pittsburgh?

If so, my wife went to highschool with him.


What makes you say thier diets suck? From what I've seen they eat well but are able to "cheat" more because of what they do concerning excercise.

I played college ball @ a 1-AA school on a campus where the jets trained so I got to see 1st hand how they ate.

As for the training...Our training was alot of compound stuff (cleans, squats, deads, etc) followed by single body part stuff. We had alot of machines as well as free weights and so did the jets. Most of the machines are there for isolation and injury prevention. We also did tons and tons of interval drills...agility, sprints, position specific drills (some for form others for function). We didnt really follow a set workout. Alot of colleges post a generic workout on thier websites for aspiring athletes etc. to follow but the players recieve different workouts. We would get into the gym and there would be somthing on the boards for each position...or if somthing worked well for a specific person one of the strength trainers would give them a seperate workout. We also did a TON of joint strength type stuff with bands and resistance (especially my position DB). We had some nasty core workouts too. I know from the players at my school that have gone to the league as well as pros ive met by chance or at pro-days that thier workouts are similiar but more personalized. Intensity was key...i've noticed since im back in a normal gym recovering from a car accident that regular people dont have the intensity that atheletes do in te gym. People can copy a workout but if they level of intensity isnt there then your not gonna see the results.

Also...forgive me if I insult a few people here but the "genetic freak" thing is crap. There are a few people in college and the NFL who dont have to put in the work that everyone else does to have the ability they do but most people just work thier asses off. Most people on this planet don't have the work ethic they have...these guys have been working thier entire lives toward one goal. So yeah...there are a few people gifted enough not to have to work hard (besides my height and weight I was probably considered gifted with sub 4.3 speed and a rediculous vert) but for the most part its a group of super-motivated guys who work thier asses off to make themselves the way they are.


Forgot to add we did alot of tempo lifting. Not sure what the technical name is or what you guys would use...but we did alot of explosive lifts and agility drills (plyometrics etc). When I say explosive with lifts it was fast up slow negative or controlled negative. We also did some really slow lifts. We had some cool position speficic machines as well that would help with jamming a reciever, swim moves, tackling (the legs part). Alot of stuff people who arent playing sports wouldnt worry about.


Yes that is the same one. Do you know where he got the nickname Milo by any chance?


A football weight room is the most intense place to train anywhere. Very few gyms have 40-50 jacked up guys all trying to out lift eachother in a relatively small gym with eardrum blowing loud rap music. I wish every gym was like that. I don't even think you can compare a commercial gym to a football weight room.