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NFL Training for Rugby?

I am wanting to play rugby when I go to university and am going to start focusing my training in that direction. I am wondering if training in the style of NFL players would be suitable for this.

It would depend on your position and what NFL positions you would be emulating.

Also, remember that NFL is almost purely anerobic. Plays usually last under 10 seconds, then you get around a 40 second rest.

Rugby, I think is non stop. So you would need to consider what energy systems you need to train.

I always love to talk rugby, but honestly if you search for rugby training, etc. you will find a bunch of great threads. To answer your question briefly, the only aspects of NFL training that apply would be more skill specific like body positioning.

In the US many players start playing rugby after playing football in high school or college. The first couple years is usually spent deconditioning the habits developed in football.

k i can only talk form experience rather than from a science stand point to be honest.

i play rugby in the uk at a decent level (uni 1stXV) in the top uni league in the uk.

tbh i follow ws4sb in the off season just add in a couple of fitness sessions which are as followed. on the second upper body day i will do 4 rounds of 4minutes with 1min break in between sets. aiming for average distance covered over the 4 rounds of 1000m. then second session usually on a saturday is 4 rounds of fartlek with 85m sprints and 15jogs each part taking 15sec so each lap is 1min and having to do 4 laps then a one minute break.

i play prop im one of the storgest guys i come up against co sof the constant 1/3/5 rpm i work towards and im the fittest of the tight 5.

id say american football traiining is defiaintly a way to go just add in a few fartlek style sessions in a week and you will be laffing

A good book covering most aspects of Rugby Conditioning can be found http://www.amazon.com/Complete-Conditioning-Rugby-Dan-Luger/dp/0736052100/sr=8-1/qid=1162596778/ref=pd_bbs_sr_1/103-4296918-3404658?ie=UTF8&s=books

I bought it mostly for the fuel mix drills and consider it well worth the price.