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NFL to start testing for HGH


Anyone see this?

"A blood test for HGH will be taken when players undergo their training camp physicals"

Is this not the stupidest thing you ever heard? HGH is detectable for what, a couple hours? A complete PR move to appease the public. Personally I don't think HGH would do jack for most football players anyways unless they are stacking with AAS or trying to recover from an injury...


HGH use in the NFL is probably extremely prevalent for this reason


Goes to show just now stupid and uneducated the media assumes we all are (and they are correct for the majority of the population).


for an elite level athlete GH would be a huge advantage.

And to any elite level athlete that has built a powerful body using steroids (all of them) GH will maintain that body even above their genetics limits after the steroids have been ceased for years


Totally agree, but testing for it would be difficult bf of its short half life right?

Shit...I wish I could afford GH.


Good points, I've only ever used ghrp myself so shouldn't have spoke to that. Still though unless they have some new testing method this is just a PR stunt. And if they do say goodbye to half the league I bet lol. Anyway it's hard enough to even know if your own gh is real these days let alone test for it.


Such a joke.. I was just at my Doctor's a month ago talking about testing with his med students who are following him around. They are all so naive, he was dropping knowledge about how the testing at all levels, WADA, USADA, olympic etc.,etc. are all 10 years behind and testing for growth is a joke and like its been said in here, a PR stunt. Being around him and the others in my lifting circle, I am no longer than naive 18 year old who thinks humans can run 35mph naturally LOL If they're pro's they're more than likely on something.

One thing that was interesting to note is that he said back in the 90s he would get emails from other Dr's overseas with new compounds that were available to ONLY the olymipans. Said it's easy to mask stuff when majority of the population doesn't know what to look for.

Hell Victor Conte beat the system for what, 8-10 years?


I dont doubt the nfl guys have access to the real deal.


NFL guys are most likely using peps are they are undetectable even minutes after administered. Olympics was all peptides in recent years, very effective in gifted individuals. They will never develop a test for peptides because they are amino acids that trigger a natural GH dump.

Synthetic GH is worthless unless youre a top level pro in bodybuilding, to almost any user running good quality peptides is far superior and dramatically cheaper with little surpression. More time spent at 4iu is worth more than a blast of 8-10iu for a few months. Not to mention safer and cleaner.


What is your favorite peptide protocol for adding mass?

I have noticed you mention success with peptides a few times now and I'm pretty interested in utilizing them.


The media is so retarded when it comes to PEDs If everyday joes like us can find HGH and test with almost no work. Why would anyone with a working brain believe pro athletes wouldnt try to hang on to their abilities for as long as possible when they make millions per year.. Its just something to talk about 4 them I just think its bad how they crucify these guys on hearsay