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NFL Sunday Ticket on PS3


Great news for those of us who love football and don't have DirecTV: http://blog.us.playstation.com/2011/08/17/directv-and-playstation-bring-nfl-sunday-ticket-to-ps3/

The need for cable is going downhill quickly, as PS3 now has every sport but NBA available in season packages (though I can't imagine NBA is far off at this rate).

Downside: Cost is $340.

What do y'all think?


I would pay if I didnt have DirecTV.


Yeah I'm thinking of buying it... only thing is I live with several roommates who love football and all watch different teams. Don't want to watch it in my room by myself, nor do I want to dominate the group TV every week. Might just have to go to bars, where I'll easily spend over $340 in 17 weeks. DECISIONS.



Red Zone channel for NFL package, then you just flip channels.
Unless they are willing to help pay then fuck them they can watch the 49rs lose every weekend. :slight_smile:


We can't lose EVERY weekend, we do play the Seahawks and Cardinals at home.

I do love red zone channel, especially since the Niners usually play at 4 so they only have 3-4 teams to contend with for airtime.


new DirecTv customers get Sunday ticket for free, for anyone looking to get new service.

I didn't want to be locked in to a 2 yr deal, so went with cable.


I have DirecTv for past 8-10 years and the NFL package for last 7 years. I will never go with anybody else just because of this. Once you have it for a season you would understand, now only if you like NFL as much as I do. I do the 14 hour marathon every Sunday during the season.


I would get DirecTV, but my friends around here tell me it goes out a lot, especially in the winter.


I could see that. Only thing that knocks mine out is a hurricane.




^ Fucker.




^ :slight_smile: Cant see at work.


I'm more jealous of his avi than his xbox


^ I know but the fucker drinks my beer also dont be jelly of anything he has.


Just youtube videos showing how ESPN works on Xbox.


Hey man, did you really need to go there? I am, however, fully ready for the "Suck for Luck" campaign.


Yea that's a real problem with the weather out here in California as well. Not.

Is the $340 for all sports or simply for NFL? If it's for all that seems reasonable, if it's only for NFL then it seems steep.

Honestly, RedZone is the coolest thing I have ever gotten from cable TV. I would just add that if you can.


It's just NFL. I hate only getting Niners games twice a year so it's almost worth it to me. If they were better I'd prob buy it, but Red Zone will prob be my weapon of choice this year.