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NFL Pro Bowl Snubs


I think the offenses were pretty well-selected for the most part. Although I think Eli should have made it over either Vick or Delhomme.

However, once again, one of the best linebackers in the league gets snubbed. Donnie Edwards NEVER gets the credit he deserves. Of course, Mike Peterson probably had an even better season than Edwards, and he got snubbed too.

Antonio Pierce should have made it in the NFC over Trotter.

Most of the others seemed pretty good, I just hate seeing Edwards miss out once again. Tough break, but the AFC has a lot of very good inside linebackers. I guess I just like to complain.

Anyone else have pro bowl snubs that bother them?


I forgot to check them... Go figure... I'll take a look and then get back to you, i'm sure there's a snub or two I can complain about, heh.


Cincinnati OT Levi Jones

Jones is pretty much left on an island by the Bengals coaching staff every game yet Rudi Johnson continues to pile up the rushing yards and Carson Palmer walks off the field every week with a nice clean jersey. Meanwhile, pro-bowler Jon Ogden's Ravens OL has been horrible in both pass protection and in the running game.

Take a look at the Colts game for both the Bengals & Ravens this year. Dwight Freeney flat out destroyed Jon Ogden week #1 of the season, just like he did in week #15 of 2004. That was in spite of numerous double and triple teams the Ravens were throwing at him. Jones OTOH, is one of the few guys in the NFL who can handle Freeney one-on-one. Levi flat out erased Freeney in the Bengals-Colts tussle in week #11 in a game where the Bengals offense did whatever they wanted versus the Colts.

Ogden has been terrible this year and, like teammate Ray Lewis, is living off of his reputation these days.

Jones > Ogden


Daylight come and ya got ta De-lomme.

Jake rules, baby!

Detroit bound!


Eli is too busy celebrating wins and getting drnnk w/ Shockey in Hoboken to care about the Pro-Bowls.
Then again after you win it all before your older bro does (and that will happen) who care about pro-bowls, you care about your team.


Chargers have six in the mix.

Havent' had that many in a long time. Good stuff


Dude, I'm a HUUUUUUUUGE Giants fan as well, but as far as Eli beating Peyton this year...simmer down.

(Although, I'd give them just as good a shot as any NFC team to make it to Detroit. Even though they lost four games, they only got their asses kicked once--by an AFC team.)


My poor packers landed NOBODY in the pro bowl so quit your bitching, just kidding. They sucked. Of course being down to your 7th string running back is a problem. In fact I just heard today our punter was hurt and they picked up a guy that was bartending in florida. What a joke of a team this year, yet I am still a big fan. We stand by our team no matter what up here. 3 wins and the stands are still packed at the game.


Wait wasnt' that the Chargers that whipped 'em? On a national Sunday Night game?

Ahhh... That was so sweet.


Eli is not now, nor has he ever been even a top tier QB. Granted, he's only been in the league for a couple of years now, if his O-line ever gets injured he's toast. Hell - he pisses down his leg right now if he gets under any pressure.

He is probably the scrawniest excuse for a preofessional athlete I have ever seen, and that includes place kickers, and punters.

Please don't ever soil the prestige of a pro-bowl selection again by mentioning Eli Manning in the breath as pro bowl.


I think you'll have some crow to eat here.

And Joe Montana was smaller than Eli.


Gado wasn't doing too bad but then again he's hurt now too


RJ I couldn't agree more! The only thing sweeter than him not making the pro-bowl would be a Chargers/Giants SuperBowl, and the Chargers handing Eli his ass!


Oh yah RJ I forgot-

"soil the prestige of the pro-bowl" ????

I don't see much prestige there. It's a popularity contest for half the guys. Most get in on previous performance. Then, most bow out due to injury just before game time.


No team that lost at home to the Dolphins deserves Super Bowl talk.

And by your own prediction, if Eli leads the Giants to the Super Bowl, I think that only further enhances his credibility.


He's 6'5", first of all.

And, how did the last Giants/Cowboys game go?


I'm glad he was blessed with some height. But that just makes him look even scrawnier.

Oh - the Cowboys lost - but that has nothing to do with the fact that Manning is way overrated. Take Barber and his 40% of the total offense out of the back field, and Eli averages 3 interceptions a game, and not telling how many sacks.


It's gonna be a sad day when Brett Favre hangs it up. No matter where you live or what team you root for, ya gotta give the man his due. One of the top 5 qb's, in my lifetime at least.


My lifetime has spanned most of the greats. From Unitas to Staubach to Fran Tarkington to Billy Kilmer right up to now.

Favre is as hardnosed as they come. And in my book, has to be mentioned whenever any of the greats are talked about. Definitely a top 5 QB and a first ballot Hall of Famer.

Copmpared to Favre, Eli is a twink. No heart, and no drive. Just an arm.


Troy Aikman lost 15 of his first 16 games.
Tiki has been good, some of that is due to Eli--most because the Cowgirls were worried more about mussing their hair than tackling anyone.