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NFL Playoffs


Out of who's left, you do you think will realistically win? Not who you hope will win but your honest opnions on the best teams left.

I think it will be

Panthers > Seahawks

Steelers > Broncos



I don't know, the Bears just lost and I'm gonna get real drunk and cry for a while

Sniff..(breaks out the jeagermeister)


yeah I was rotting for em bro. Panthers are just too good I guess.


I don't even want to think about what happened to the Colts. I need to go throw some heavy things around. Fucking kicker!!


I'm mourning the Patriots loss as well. The just made uncharacteristic mistakes. Oh well, I guess that's why no one has ever three-peated in the NFL because it's so damn hard. The difficult part to swallow is if they brought their A game they could have beat Denver, no problem. And they've already beat the Steelers on many occasions. Damn, we were so close to a three peat. Damn!


Without the Patriots, it just does not matter. That damn game was given to Denver.


I agree with these picks, but I wouldn't be surprised if it went the exact opposite way.I think the Steelers may finally breakthrough and win it all.

P.S. Peyton Manning is now officially the Dan Marino of the 21st century-> great regular season stats, chokes in the playoffs.


Agreed. He's a joke in the playoffs.


Panthers over Denver in the SB.






I lived in the Denver area my whole life, so of course, the Broncos will win it all. Now I live in Seattle, and I was actually a Hawks fan when I was a little kid...

DENVER and Seattle in the SuperBowl.

Denver will win it.

As Shannon Sharp said this afternoon after the Steelers won, "BRONCOS NATION BABY!"


This should have been obvious coming out of college. He never could get by Florida. He's choked in so many big games.

I really feel bad since he has so much talent and seems like a really good guy, well, the entire Colts team, including Dungy, seem like genuinely good guys. But, until he wins a big, meaningful game, he will carry the choker title.


Yeah, it was a very uncharacteristic loss for the Pats. I was rooting for them to three-peat as well. The toughest part to swallow is that, even with all the mistakes, they were still in the game until mid-way through the 4th quarter.


bears sucked today, seattle wins super bowl


Fuck Seattle


The suckhawks won't win the superbowl or the nfc title. That will goto the panthers who have a stellar defense which the hawks haven't seen all year and a great offense. The afc title game will goto denver. No doubt, they are pretty evenly matched teams both have stellar defenses and good running games. Pittsburgh has the better run defense but the broncs have the better pass defense and a better running game.

As far as the superbowl. Denver wins over the panthers.

For any of you putting all the blame on peyton manning well you are idiots. There are 11 guys out on the field at anyone time and 55 guys on the team. If 1 guy doesn't cut it, probably ok results but when 11 guys don't cut it and they are your offense well that is an entirely different story. The colts were straight up outplayed, out gunned and out thought. Is Peyton a loser? No he isn't. Should he have played harder? Hell yeah, I don't care what anyone says, he had lanes to run up the middle 5-10 yards 5-8 times when protection collapsed around him. Boys this is the playoffs and I'll be damned if I wouldn't have run for a first down 250lb linebacker or not. I want a damn ring !!


It'll be btween Panthers and Steelers. Go Delhomme!


Ditto from Charlotte, NC. Panthers all the way. Steve Smith-MVP.


That game was on the offensive line, not Peyton Manning. No one, not manning, not Marino, not Montana, Namath, not Aikman, can be expected to throw quality passes with four or five defensive players bearing down on him. And yet, he was still able to throw for 290 yards. His performance was a result of poor offensive line play and poor coaching to counter Pittsburgh's defensive scheme.

Now, with that said, I think the underdogs may take these games away. I can very easily see Steve Smith having another 200 yard games against that Seahawk secondary while stopping Alexander on the other side. And, well, Pittsburgh will come out doing the same against the Broncos.

Superbowl XL: Steelers vs. Panthers with a Carolina win.


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