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NFL playoffs

Its been a while since I’ve seen any NFL talk here. Who’s everybody’s picks for the superbowl? Now you know for me, its all about Big Blue. And just to fan the flames:

Tenyearsgone75 To Sam (2002-09-18 18:04:17 1953937973)
Kerry Collins is a joke just remember he owns the record for most fumbles by a quarterback. Eagles my ass,huh. Who beat the G-boys twice last year, looks like the tide has turned. The Birds will sweep the Giants again this year!

Ye of little faith. Mwahahahaha.

I hope your right about the Eagles, Im from philly. Go Birds

Titans are going to shock people. They’ve won 8 out of their last 9. They’re peaking now, unlike pretty much everyone else.

Eagles!! Take it to the bank baby!

It’s all about the Raiders baby. Homefield advantage, a week’s rest at the start of the playoffs, and all those vets give them an amazing amount of experience. Just win baby.

Despite the fact I’m a Niners’ fan; I would love to see the Raiders win. Yeah, definitely. I just don’t see Philly as being a huge threat. Sorry, just don’t.

I think it will be the Titans and the Pack, with the Titans winning. McNair does not get the credit he deserves.

I’m interested in how Tampa Bay handles the post-season this year with Chucky. However, the Browns are my team, but I find myself rooting against them with ma’ boy Couch in the lineup.

The Browns are my team too, but I don’t expect them to do much more than beat the Steelers (hopefully). They’re still a young team and just getting there is good enough for this year.

Yep the browns rule!

Go PACKERS !!! Although they looked like ^%($ last week…
Teams to watch out for as this year it’s an even playing field:
-Da Raiders
-Giants (can’t stand 'em)

I don’t see how anyone can say that the Eagles don’t really scare them. The Giants made 'em look bad, but the Eagles D rarely looks bad… and they kill QB’s.

In the playoffs I'm rootin for the Iggles.

P.S. Go Skins!

Eagles over Raiders. Watch out for the Jets, though.

This has been a weird NFL session. I think it could be any one team in the SUPER BOWL there really was no dominate team this year. Hell it could be a GIANTS VS J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS Super Bowl for all we know. Not likely though.

Although their play has been shaky as of late, how can anyone leave out the Colts as possible contenders? For all of you Eagles fans…who is the only team this season that completely dominated Philly, both offensively AND defensively, WITH McNabb healthy, and IN Philadelphia? It was none other than the Indianapolis Colts. If they can get their running game going, there isn’t a team in the NFL that can stop them.

The G-Men have finally hit their stride and look
to be this year’s sleeper team! Shockey fever
has apparently spread to the rest of the team.
So, I expect the Giants to Shock you mofos
and make it to the Super Bowl!!! :slight_smile:

I dont care anymore, becuase for the millionth time in a row my beloved Dolphins have lost out…I am so sick of it! They have the leading rusher, sacker, two of the best corners, and oneof the best middle linemen, and THEY CANT GET IT DONE!!! ARRRRG!!! Any way my pick is those gosh forsaken Jest,I mean Jets, or the Raiders…

Powerlifter, at least you’re not a Saints fan…

Is there any possible way that Tony Dungy and Peyton Manning, two of the more renowned playoff chokers around, could combine for a run? Methinks not.

However, that said, I do hope someone takes the Jets out before the Raiders would have to face them – they’re looking pretty damn tough.

The Jets

This kind of a tough one…this season almost anyone of the teams have a chance at the Super Bowl. My pick would be the Raiders with a possible Philly match up. I’m just glad Green Bay doesn’t have home field throughout. Lambeau Field can be a bitch to play in during the winter!