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NFL Playoffs: Who Do You Like?


So who do you like? Who do you think is going to make some noise? Who do you think will win in the wild card round.

Ravens over Dolphins, I think the Ravens defense is just too strong.

Chargers over Colts, kind of a homer pick but this game should go down to the last play again.

Eagles over Vikings, Eagles looked great today and will key in on Peterson next week.

Falcons over Cardinals, for some reason i think this game will be closer than some think.


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As much as I'd like to see a Ravens/Falcons Super Bowl, I think it'll be The Giants and either Pitt or Indy. The Titans are going to lose in the divisional round no matter who they play.


Arizona all the way!


I just hope someone destroys the giants and the dolphins.

fucking brett farve....you suck.


LOL! This post season is already a win b/c I dont have to watch the Cowboys or the Pats. But It will be Pitt and Carolina in the SB


This season's playoffs will feel a little awkward for me seeing as the cowboys, packers, and patriots are not in it. I want either the vikings or steelers to win it, and I absolutely do NOT want either of the manning bros to win.


As long as the Ravens don't win it. I'm from MD, but god damn their fans annoy me. I have one uncle that is a Ravens fan and he even annoys me during their games.

If they win, I'll have to put up with seeing all their stupid fans having those flags sticking out their windows like they did a few years back.


The Chargers are dangerous. The O-line looked healthy, LT and Sproles combo is lethal, and Chambers/Jackson as a deep threat is as advertised. Granted they got in just under the wire but I think they're healthy and fresh at the right time.

From the NFC, man... Did you guys watch the Philly game? They're fucking dominant. They did whatever the hell they wanted to do against Dallas.

I'd really like to see a San Diego/Philly Super Bowl, but I'm never ever right.


Really Philly didnt do anything different on offense than they did in the first game vs Dallas. Ya, Dallas has a great pass rush what what else did they have? It was Phillis D that made this game so one sided. But your right I think Philly is the most dangerous team in the playoffs but having to go to The Meadowland and then to Charlotte is a tall order.

If McNabb or Westbrook gets hurt or has a bad game they are done b/c they dont have any one else that can step up


I like San Diego too, but their achilles heal is their pass rush and secondary. They didn't get any sacks on Cutler and can't seem to pressure the QB. I never knew that Merriman made such a huge difference for their defense. The offense is going to have to outscore every team if they want to win.


Pittsburgh and Carolina in the Super Bowl is my guess. Could see Baltimore or Indy make it though.


In the AFC: I pick Colts and Ravens for sure.

In the NFC : The first reaction to the Philly Defense vs Tarvaris Jackson = lol HOWEVER if A.D. dominates and the Minny QBs don't have to carry the team, the Vikings should easily get the win.

Also, McNabb is pretty good at choking in the playoffs and Westbrook could go down at any second. (Why the hell don't the Eagles have a good backup running back??)

I want Atlanta to beat the Cards but its not a lock. Cards have been good at home and can put up points in bunches.

SuperBowl for me is Giants vs Colts


Says the bitter masshole. lol


Giants v Titans


Falcons V Dolphins for the lulz factor.


re: Eagles

All I can say as a lifelong, disappointed, low-bar, don't-expect-much-in-the-post-season Eagles fan is that McNabb very much has the 'choke-in-the-post-season' gene that every previous Eagles QB and team has had since the beginning of time.

What do I want to see? Steelers v. Eagles

What do I expect to see? Colts v. Panthers


Giants vs Indy

Peyton is on fire.


Dolphins obviously will win the superbowl!

One can only wish...

I think we CAN beat the ravens but I dont see it happening but then again, I thought we were going to win only 4-5 games this year.

I like the Eagles > Vikings

Colts > SD

Cards > Falcons


At least we Ravens fans put the flags up when the team actually wins something. Redskins fans always seem to be flying them in September while claiming their team is bound for the Super Bowl.


Correll Buckhalter? Averaging almost 5 YPC and 12 YPR. I'd say he's pretty damn good.